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D.D. Kosambi School of Social Sciences and Behavioural Studies

Erstwhile Departments of (i) History, (ii) Library & Information Science, (iii) Political Science, (iv) Sociology, and (v) Centre for Study of Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy


The D.D. Kosambi School of Social Sciences and Behavioural Studies (DDKSSSBS) is named after Damodar Dharmananda Kosambi (1907–1966), the prominent Goan multi-faceted intellectual usually remembered as a historian, mathematician, statistician, Indologist, philologist and polymath. The DDKSSSBS is established in 2022 by integrating the existing Departments on the Goa University campus and the affiliated Colleges. It covers a wide range of disciplines with differing methodologies, and includes History (1965 Centre for Post-Graduate Instruction & Research at Goa – CPIR affiliated to the then University of Bombay) Political Science (1973 – CPIR), Sociology (1974 – CPIR), Geography, Psychology, Education (Education, Physical Education, Special Education) Library and Information Science, Journalism, Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy, Logic, and Minority Studies.

With the spirit of integration, the school aims to build on vibrant pluralistic ethos and the intellectual diversity that has been the hallmark of the state. The DDKSSSBS is highly multidisciplinary and focuses on developing strong teaching and research programmes that advance our understanding of Goa and production of new knowledge.

Thrust areas:

  • Indo-Portuguese history
  • Maritime history
  • History of Goa
  • Democracy
  • Decentralization
  • Electoral Politics
  • Goa Studies
  • South Asian Political Economy
  • Social Theory and Research
  • Refugee Studies
  • Tribes in Transition
  • Diaspora Studies
  • Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policies
  • Library and Society
  • Library Reference and Management Services
  • Information processing systems
  • Information Technology in Libraries
  • Digital content development
  • Digital Information Management
  • Library Automation and networks
  • Research Methodology
  • Webometrics, Informatics and Scientometrics

  • Academic programmes leading to a Degree / Diploma / Certificate :

    Programme Programme Director Intake
    Bachelor of Library and Information Science (B.L.I.Sc.)Time Table | Syllabus Carlos M. Fernandes31
    M.A. HistoryTime Table | Syllabus | Syllabus 2022-23 Vinod O. Kankonkar69
    M.A. Political ScienceTime Table | Syllabus | Syllabus 2022-23 Prakash Desai38
    M.A. SociologyTime Table | Syllabus | Syllabus 2022-23 Arvind N. Haldankar25
    Master of Library and Information Science (M.L.I.Sc.)Time Table | Syllabus | Syllabus 2022-23 Carlos M. Fernandes25
    Ph.D. History--
    Ph.D. Political Science--
    Ph.D. Sociology--


    Name Designation Areas of Interest
    Joanna Pereira CoelhoAssociate ProfessorSociology of Indian Society, Sociology of Language, Environment and Society
    Prakash DesaiAssistant ProfessorPolitical Theory, Modern Indian Political Thought, Democracy and Civil Society, West Asia with reference to Contemporary Political Discourses
    Favita Rochelle DiasAssistant ProfessorCaste, gender and sexuality
    Mozinha FernandesAssistant ProfessorTribal culture, Gender studies
    Carlos M. FernandesAssistant ProfessorLibrary Consortia
    Ravaji Vasant GaunkarAssistant ProfessorGoan Society and Politics, Political Sociology of India
    Sneha Babi GhadiAssistant ProfessorColonial History, Ancient Indian History, Medieval Indian History, Indian Diaspora Studies, Gender Studies
    Arvind N. HaldankarAssociate ProfessorSociology of Tribes, Ethnography & Environmental concerns
    Pratima P. KamatProfessorIndo-Portuguese History and Maritime Studies, Gender Studies, History of Goa
    Vinod O. KankonkarAssistant ProfessorHistory of Goa, Medieval India, Modern India, History of Indian Cinema
    Ninotchka MendesAssistant ProfessorSociology of tourism and Social stratification
    Milind C. MhamalAssistant ProfessorLibrary History, Book History, Book trade, Library Classification, Bibliography, Translations
    Shraddha Shrikant NaikAssistant ProfessorInternational Relations, India's Foreign Policy, Interregionalism and BRICS
    Prachi Satyawan NaikAssistant ProfessorPolitical Theory, Language Politics, Cultural Politics, Electoral Politics
    Nalini C. NaikAssistant ProfessorPolitical, Social and Economic History of Ancient India, History of Goa, Art and Architecture, Epigraphy and Numismatics, Museum studies.
    Rohan L. ParabAssistant ProfessorLibrary Classification, Library Automation, Use of web-based services in libraries
    Parag D. ParoboAssociate ProfessorHistory of Goa and historiography; Intellectual history; Comparative history of empires with reference to South Asia; Social and cultural history of Portuguese colonialism in India; Political economy of Goa
    Shamin PereiraAssistant ProfessorInformation literacy, User studies
    Nagendra RaoProfessorState Formation, Transcultural Trade, Urbanization, Indo-Portuguese History, Historiography, Maritime History of India, History of Goa
    Seema S. RisbudAssistant ProfessorIndo-Portuguese History, Decolonisation Movements, Social movements, Gender Studies and Studies in Indian Culture and Heritage
    Alaknanda P. ShringareAssistant ProfessorDemocratic Governance, Public Administration, Rural Development
    Ganesha SomayajiProfessorSocial Theory, Sociology of Language, Food and Society
    Sangeeta TateAssistant ProfessorTribes, Migration, Gender
    Rahul TripathiProfessorInternational Political Economy/ South Asia
    Novelty R. VolvaikarAssistant ProfessorLibrary Automation, Digital Libraries, Information Technology, Informetrics and Scientometrics

    Superannuated Faculty:

    Name Designation Areas of Interest
    N. Shyam BhatProfessorModern Indian History, History of South Kanara, Indo-Portuguese History and Environmental History of Western India


  • Social Sciences Common Computing Facility