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School of Chemical Sciences


The establishment of the School of Chemical Sciences by transforming one of the existing oldest (established in 1965 as a part of Centre for Post-Graduate Instruction and Research of the then Bombay University) department (of Chemistry) into a school. The School is currently located in the Faculty block E since 2013, with modern infrastructure, conducive for quality education and research in Chemistry. The School already has Organic, Inorganic, Physical and Analytical Chemistry as distinct streams. The establishment of this School is in line with the reorganization of the institutional architecture that will allow us to rebrand and showcase our strengths in research and teaching. The research at this school has been recognized by the award of projects to the individual faculty members and also receiving handsome grants from the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India in their prestigious programs like UGC-SAP & DST-FIST.

Thrust areas:

• Analytical Chemistry
• Anion Receptors and Ion-Pair Receptors
• Asymmetric Organocatalysis
• Bio-inorganic Chemistry
• Catalysis
• Computational and Theoretical Chemistry
• Coordination Compounds
• Environmental Chemistry, Catalysis & Chemical Sensors
• Hydrogen Bonded Supramolecular Capsules and Metal Organic Cages
• Intermolecular Interactions
• Laser, Optics and Gas Kinetics
• Materials Science
• Metal Carboxylates
• Nano-Material synthesis
• Nanoscience
• Optical Spectroscopy
• Organic Chemistry
• Organic Supramolecular Chemistry, Artificial Photosynthesis and Organic Solar Cells
• Organic Synthesis
• Polymer Chemistry
• Porous Organic Materials for Toxic Ion Separation/Adsorption and Catalysis
• Single crystal X-ray diffraction
• Solid State Chemistry
• Synthesis and Application of Mesoporous Materials
• Synthesis and Characterization of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Porous
• Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry
• Synthetic Organic Chemistry
• Theoretical Chemistry

Academic programmes leading to a Degree / Diploma / Certificate :

Programme Programme Director Intake
M.Sc. ChemistryTime Table | Syllabus | Revised Syllabus -80
Ph.D. Chemistry--


Name Designation Areas of Interest
Sheshanath V. BhosaleUGC - ProfessorOrganic supramolecular chemistry, sensors, artificial photosynthesis and organic solar cells
Sandesh Tukaram BugdeAssistant ProfessorSynthetic Organic Chemistry, Asymmetric Organocatalysis
Kanchanmala B. DeshpandeAssistant Professor (Tenure)Analytical Chemistry
Megha Subhash DeshpandePost-Doctoral FellowBio-inorganic chemistry
Sandeep Kumar DeyDST Inspire FacultyPorous organic materials for toxic ion separation/adsorption and catalysis, Hydrogen bonded supramolecular capsules and metal organic cages, Anion receptors and ion-pair receptors
Kiran Tulsidas DhavskarAssistant Professor (Contract)Metal carboxylates, single crystal X-ray diffraction, optical spectroscopy
Sunder N. DhuriAssistant ProfessorCoordination Compounds, Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry, Bio-inorganic Chemistry
Siddhali V. GirkarAssistant ProfessorOrganic Chemistry
Vivekanand Vaman GobreAssistant Professor (Contract)Theoretical chemistry, Intermolecular interactions, Materials science, Programming models, Parallel computing
Hari K. KadamAssistant ProfessorSynthetic Organic Chemistry, (Heterocyclic Chemistry, Organic Methodologies, Cross coupling reactions) Green Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Continuous Flow Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Method Development, (HPLC, GC)
Savita Anup KundaikarAssistant ProfessorPolyoxometalate Chemistry, Coordination compounds, Analytical Chemistry, Catalysis
Rohan Keshav KunkalekarAssistant ProfessorCatalysis, Solid State Chemistry, Nano-Material synthesis
Pranay P. MorajkarAssistant ProfessorNanostructured materials, Reaction kinetics, Energy & Environmental Applications
V.S. NadkarniProfessorOrganic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry
Bhanudas R. NaikAssistant Professor (Contract)Synthesis and application study of mesoporous materials, catalysis, Nanoscience
Rupesh E. PatreAssociate ProfessorSynthetic Organic Chemistry, Natural Products, Flow Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Process development
Digamber G. PorobAssociate ProfessorLuminescent Materials, Crystallography, Materials Sustainability, Size Controlled Materials
Rajendra N. ShirsatProfessorComputational and Theoretical Chemistry
B.R. SrinivasanProfessorSynthetic Inorganic Chemistry
Santosh G. TilveSenior ProfessorSynthetic Organic Chemistry
Vidhyadatta M. Shet VerenkarProfessorSolid State Chemistry: Synthesis and Characterization of Spinels: Ferrites/Manganites/ Cobaltites, Applications: Gas sensing/Catalysis

Other Information:

The school has an active association of Faculty members & Alumini (CDFAA)