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Right to Information

Mandatory Disclosures:

Under the Right to Information Act (RTI) 2005 section 4(1)(b), following information has been disclosed

Suo motu disclosures

Application for information:

Any information not in the disclosures above and pertaining to the University can be requested as per the laid down rules and procedures in the RTI Act (2005) accompanied with the prescribed fee. All fees/payments under RTI Act, 2005 to be made in favour of the Registrar, Goa University. Requests without fee will not be entertained. Applicants desiring information not pertaining to the University but of affiliated college / institution, should make a request directly to the concerned college / institution.

Applications for information under the Right to Information shall be accepted at the office of the Assistant Registrar (Legal)- Co-ordinating Officer. Applications can also be made directly to the concerned PIOs as listed here that falls within their jurisdiction (provided below).

Public Information Officers (PIOs)

Teaching Departments Administrative Sections
Head, Dept. of English Finance Officer
Head, Dept. of Konkani University Engineer
Head, Dept. of Marathi University Librarian
Head, Dept. of Hindi Head, Computer Centre
Head, Dept. of French & Francophone Studies Controller of Examinations
Head, Dept. of Portuguese Joint Registrar (Academic)
Head, Dept. of Political Science Joint Registrar (Administration)
Head, Dept. of Sociology Executive Engineer
Head, Dept. of Philosophy Asst. Director of Physical Education & Sports
Head, Dept. of Economics Assistant Registrar (Finance)
Head, Dept. of History Assistant Registrar: Academic (Colleges)
Head, Dept. of Women's Studies Assistant Registrar: Academic (PG Depts.)
Director, Centre for Latin American Studies Assistant Registrar (Teaching)
Head, Dept. of Physics Assistant Registrar (Non-Teaching)
Head, Dept. of Chemistry Assistant Registrar (Purchases)
Head, Dept. of Earth Science Assistant Registrar (Academic-General)
Head, Dept. of Mathematics Assistant Registrar (PR & ACS)
Head, Dept. of Electronics Assistant Registrar: Exams (PG)
Head, Dept. of Computer Science & Technology Assistant Registrar: Exams (Professional)
Head, Dept. of Botany Assistant Registrar: Exams (UG)
Head, Dept. of Microbiology Assistant Registrar (Legal)
Head, Dept. of Marine Sciences Co-ordinator, Ocean and Atmospheric Science Technology Cell
Head, Dept. of Biotechnology Lecturer-cum-Asssistant Director, Centre for study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy
Head, Dept. of Zoology Director, UGC-Human Resource Development Centre
Head, Dept. of Commerce Director, Students Welfare and Cultural affairs
Head, Dept. of Management Studies Medical Officer
Assistant Public Information Officers
Assistant Engineers
Assistant Accounts Officer
All Superintendents

Jurisdiction of the PIOs

  • Heads of teaching Departments/Centres: All information available exclusively with the teaching departments, such as student lectures, attendance, time tables, work load, records of ISA/SE examinations, student feedback, faculty publications, research/consultancy projects & purchases made as per delegation of powers, etc.
  • Finance Officer, Assistant Registrar (Finance): Information relating to Finance Division.
  • University Engineer, Executive Engineer: Information relating to Estates Division.
  • University Librarian: Information relating to the Library.
  • Controller of Examination, Assistant Registrars (Exams): Information relating to Examination Division.
  • Head, Computer Centre: Information relating to Computer Centre and DEITI.
  • Joint Registrar (Academic), Assistant Registrars (Colleges, PG Departments): Information relating to Academic Division.
  • Joint Registrar (Administration), Assistant Registrars (Teaching, Non-Teaching, Purchase, Legal): Information relating to Administration Division.

Application for Appeal

For appeals under the section 19(1) of the Act, an appeal is to be preferred to the Appellate authority as indicated below.

Prof. S. Krishnan,  Department of Botany - First Appellate Authority