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Ganesha Somayaji
D.D. Kosambi School of Social Sciences & Behavioural Studies

Professor of Sociology

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V. N. Shet
Faculty of Engineering

Professor of Electrical and Electronics, Goa College of Engineering

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Shivanand Bandekar
Faculty of Medicine

Dean, Goa Medical College

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Harilal B. Menon
Faculty of Performing, Fine Art & Music

Vice-Chancellor, Goa University

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Gopal Krishna Rao
Faculty of Pharmacy

Principal, Goa College of Pharmacy

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Aniruddha S. Pawar
Faculty of Planning, Architecture & Design

Professor, Goa College of Architecture

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Jyoti D. Pawar
Goa Business School

Professor of Computer Science & Technology

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Shaila Desouza
Manohar Parrikar School of Law, Governance & Public Policy

Professor of Women's Studies

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Savita S. Kerkar
School of Biological Sciences & Biotechnology

Professor of Biotechnology

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Vidhyadatta M. Shet Verenkar
School of Chemical Sciences

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

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Chandrashekher U. Rivonker
School of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences

Senior Professor of Marine Sciences

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Aparajita Gangopadhyay
School of International and Area Studies

Professor of International Relations

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Kaustubh R.S. Priolkar
School of Physical and Applied Sciences

Professor of Physics

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Koshy Tharakan
School of Sanskrit, Philosophy and Indic Studies

Professor of Philosophy

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K. Sripad Bhat
Shenoi Goembab School of Languages & Literature

Professor of English