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Directorate of Equal Opportunities

Koshy Tharakan
Koshy Tharakan

Director, DEO

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The Directorate of Equal Opportunities (DEO) is established to promote equal opportunities for marginalized social groups, minorities, and physically challenged students at the University.

The Objectives of the Directorate of Equal Opportunities (DEO) shall be:

  • To promote equal opportunity through sensitization and awareness programs on policies and schemes for marginalized groups, human rights, gender issues, etc.
  • To provide supplementary academic support in the form of remedial coaching, coaching for NET/SET and such other national level eligibility tests.
  • To provide avenues of skill development and to enhance employability.
  • To examine cases of violation of equal opportunity, if any, and expedite redressal of
  • To provide orientation in public examinations and other tests which will help them receive financial support from State/Central Government.
  • To ensure utilization of resources allotted for development of marginalized groups by the UGC/State Government or other agencies from time to time.
  • To ensure implementation of reservation policy with regard to admission to various academic programs at the University, in association with SC/ST Cell.