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Eligibility Certificate

Sara Figueiredo
Sara Figueiredo
Asst. Registrar


The official title of this certificate is “Provisional Statement of Eligibility”

A student from another University or Board of Secondary or Intermediate Education or any statutory Examining Body seeking admission to this University is required to apply to the Registrar for a statement of eligibility in the form prescribed by the University. It is issued for the purpose of seeking admission to this University in a particular year will not be valid for following/ subsequent years.

The Provisional Statement of Eligibility does not assure a seat. It only declares applicant eligible for admission to the course of study in this University. Therefore, without a definite offer of admission and assurance of all other facilities like hostel accommodation, etc., an individual especially from foreign country if landed in India, may run in financial and other losses.

Admission to the University Departments and/or affiliated Colleges of this University are made by the Heads of respective Departments and/or the concerned Principals of the affiliated Colleges. The University does not undertake to arrange admissions or accept any responsibility for admission either to a University Department or an affiliated College.

Student seeking admission to this University has to approach the Principal of the College where he desires to join in the matter of his admission and for other relevant information relating to tuitions fees, hostel accommodation, courses of study etc.


The eligibility of the students from countries abroad for the admission to this University is decided on the merits and qualifications of an individual seeking admission. Passing Certificates, transcripts of records and a copy of the syllabus containing the details of the courses studied at the examination passed by the applicant and duly countersigned by high Commissioner of India in the country of origin or the authorised officer and the standard of passing laid down at the examination should be forwarded to this office well in advance.

In case the certificates or transcripts are in a language, other than English, a English translation of the same duly certified by a competent authority should be enclosed. The University does not have any bursaries or scholarships which can be offered to foreign students.

A Provisional Statement of Eligibility will be issued at the student’s own risk on prima facie of the student found to be eligible for admission, with a condition that the necessary certificates in original along with photocopies of each those for confirmation of eligibility are submitted before the close of the academic term in which he/she is provisionally admitted to the Registrar's office through the Head/Principal of the affiliated institution/ college where the admission is sought.


Applicants from Indian Rupees
Indian student migrating from other University/ Board 580.00
NRI and ICCR sponsored students 580.00
Foreign students 3450.00
Foreign students one time admission fee 345000.00