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Directorate of Visiting Research Professors Programme (DVRPP)

Nandakumar Mekoth
Nandakumar Mekoth



Goa University launched the Visiting Research Professors Programme (VRPP) from 2013-14 to bring luminaries in the field of liberal arts & Literature, social and natural sciences, and other fields to the University. All programmes are open to the students, faculty as well as general public where the visiting professors interact with participants, deliver lectures, offer courses, and work on collaborative research projects, stimulate the creation of art installations and music performances. Over 3000 participants benefited from this programme since its seeding. This has infused the young researchers in Goa with new ideas by engaging in dialogues. They also helped in bringing back interest in liberal art, Indian and western classical music & literature in the young minds. Certificates are issued to all the participants who complete the course. These programmes are organized not only at University campus but also in colleges affiliated to university and other locations in Goa.

Videographs of these sessions and documentation of Goan culture, social practices at these programmes makes a rich knowledge hub at the University. As an outcome of these programmes, a Western Music Choir is formed at Goa University, and Goa University guest house is gifted with a mural cherishing memories of success stories.

The programme is supported by Directorate of Art and Culture, Government of Goa through generous grants.


DD Kosambi Chair in Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Madhav Gadgil
  • Romila Thapar
  • Shahid Amin
  • Kumkum Roy
  • Sudhir Kakar

Dayanand Bandodkar Chair in Political Economy

  • Amit Bhaduri
  • Prabhat Patnaik
  • Satish Deshpande
  • Ashok Chandra

Kavivarya Bakibaab Borkar Chair in Comparative Literature

  • Ashok Vajpeyi
  • Nirmala Jain
  • Jeet Thayil
  • Githa Hariharan
  • Vrinda Nabar
  • Uday Bhembre

Mario Miranda Chair in Art, Fine Art

  • Orijit Sen
  • Jyotindra Jain
  • Vidya Dehejia
  • Raman SivaKumar
  • Sheba Chaachh

Anthony Gonsalves Chair in Western music

  • Santiago Lucardi Girelli
  • Mark Troop

Nana Shirgaokar Chair in Indian Music

  • Shubha Mudgal
  • Bombay Jayashree
  • Vidya Shah
  • Bahauddin Dagar

Sant Sohirobanath Chair in Marathi Sant Sahitya

  • Bhalchandra Nemade
  • Somnath Komarpant