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NRC in Marine Science

Harilal B. Menon
Harilal B. Menon
Professor (HAG)


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Goa University has been shortlisted as the National Resource Centre in Marine Science under the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) initiative for the online professional development of higher education faculty using the MOOCs platform SWAYAM (Study Webs of Active learning for Young Aspiring Minds)

Objectives of the centre

  • Act as a knowledge base for anyone desiring to learn the subject without being physically present in the classroom in general
  • Upgrade the knowledge of young academicians and researchers especially in their initial phase of career with a flexibility on one's pace and time
  • Act as a catalyst in revolutionizing the professional development of the faculty in massive numbers by leveraging ICT using SWAYAM platform

Plan to meet objectives (Phase I)

  • Involve the experts from all over the country in the discipline
  • Twin experts to develop courses in various fields of marine sciences
    • initially targeted to 20 videos + 20 e-content
    • each of an hour's duration consisting of 4 modules of 15 minutes each containing PPT and animation wherever possible
    • each module with a text and video for the deeper understanding of the concept
  • Make these available on SWAYAM - an indigenously developed platform to impart a unique educational environment thereby to expand the knowledge horizon to the knowledge seekers to keep abreast of the latest developments in marine Sciences through the technology-based online refresher course