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Sandesh B. Dessai

Ph.D. (Rani Channamma University)

The library at the University is a single source of external information. The resources are of hybrid type providing information in the form of print and digital form. The subscribed digital resources have online access all over the campus on the network. Besides, the collection on the CDs and Video need to be consulted within the library.


A large number of online resources (full-text journals, knowledge databases, federated search engines, etc.) are available to the users of the library under the programme of INFLIBNET Centre, Ahmedabad project. The links to all those are provided via the Knowledge Portal. The off-campus access to these resources are provided using VPN connection.

Besides the material needed for the academic programmes, the library houses rich collection of literature in Konkani - the state language of Goa. The library is blessed with donations from many individuals. For example, it houses collection of a rare books on Indo-Portuguese History and Culture donated by the late Dr. P.S.S. Pissurlekar (about 5000 books in various languages). Mr. Nuno Gonsalves of Portugal, Dr. S.Z. Qasim, Dr. V.V.R. Varadachari to name a few. It is also a designated Repository Library of United Nations publications since 1996.

The catalogue of the library is available online over Internet and anyone can consult the same to look for a particular document. Any serious user besides the students and teachers at the University can walk-in and consult resources.

Library at a glance:

Library hours:

  • Week days 9:00 am to 6:30 pm
  • Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Closed on all holidays
Books 182194
e-Books 214
Print Journals 80
e-Journals 7941+
Databases 24
CD & Video 3401
Total Number of library staff 15 + 2 (on contract)
Library staff (no.) with degree in Library science 6 + 1 (on contract)
Floor area 6479.80 m2
Number of seats in the reading space 200
Internet access 1Gbps Fibre optic backbone and 100 Mbps Leased line provided by NKN
Bindery 1
Computer laboratory 1


  • Document lending:
    All the registered students of the post-graduate and research (full-time) programmes at the University campus besides the faculty members can borrow the print literature as per their entitlements.
    The document lending facility also exists to the Corporate members against a fee (refer Library Rules).
    The documents are loaned to the reader for a stipulated period of time. The lending and receiving is done at the circulation counter using open source software (Koha). A bar-code system is being used in the process. Users can view the documents borrowed by them and renew online. The databases at the circulation counter are linked to the library catalogue and one can ensure whether the needed document is on the shelf or lent.
  • Reading spaces:
    Any user can walk-in to consult documents available in the library. The reading spaces are created close to the book-shelves so that one don't have to walk for long distances with books in hand for reading. WiFi facility is also available to the registered users who can relax in reading spaces and consult online resources on their laptops/ notebooks/ smart phones. While the users are encouraged for self-help for pulling out books from shelves, they will be shelved by the library staff from reading tables.
  • Reprographic services:
    Library has a photocopying facility. It is also equipped with state-of-the art scanners and printers. Users can avail these services at cost indicated below. Library respects copyright while providing these services.
    • Photocopying: Rs.0.70 per exposure on A4 size sheet
    • Laser printing: Rs.2.00 per A4 size sheet
    • Scanning: Case basis
  • Document delivery:
    Information seekers not in a position to reach the library but confirm availability of the desired document and wishing to have a copy of select content (within the copyright limits) may request for this service. The service is at cost.
  • Plagiarism check:
    In order to maintain quality of the research carried out by the students of Goa University, every thesis to be submitted under the Doctoral programmes for the award of the degree is checked for similarity with content available over Internet, published sources and previously submitted students works. This service is currently limited to the programme indicated. The software to carry out this task has been provided by INFLIBNET. The research guides and scholars who have obtained university's e-mail ID ( can avail the facility for do-it-yourself activity by seeking ID an password. Interested researchers may contact Librarian for an account.
  • Nodal centre for Shodhganga:
    INFLIBNET maintains a national repository of theses and dissertations. Goa University library acts as the nodal centre for the upload of the theses awarded under the Doctoral programmes to this repository.
  • Publications repository:
    The University maintains its publications repository. All the faculty publications (journal and conference articles, book chapters, books - limited to contents pages) as well as the theses for which the University awarded a degree since the foundation year of the University are available on the repository. This activity is carried out in collaboration with IQAC.
  • Handy apps for research: Following apps have been subscribed by the University library for the researchers at Goa University.
    • Grammarly: This app automatically detects potential grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style mistakes in writing. Grammarly's algorithms flag potential issues in the text and suggest context-specific corrections for grammar, spelling, wordiness, style, punctuation, and plagiarism. Available via popular browser extensions. This is not only useful in research but also for any text that is being typed on the device.
    • STATCRAFT: A webserver based platform that allows users to run data analytics in R from a browser based GUI that eliminates the need to write complex R code. Allows users to perform Data Analytics using R. In addition, STATCRAFT delivers the R output as formatted, presentation quality tables and reports. Whether it is quickly importing the data, or accessing the power of R Graphics, STATCRAFT makes it easy for analysts to concentrate on analytics rather than coding. Currently, 200 Licences have been obtained. Request Librarian for the ID and password in case if you are unaware.