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Estate Management

Engineering/ Technical Services Division

Photo University Engineer
Sangam Sadanand Sinai Talaulikar
Executive Engineer


  • Plan, obtain approvals, cost estimate, tender, execute works, certify (and hand over once the work is completed) for:
    • Construction, development under new projects, associated works and major maintenance work (civil and electrical, renovation/ repairs including painting) of the University buildings
    • Construction/ maintenance of roads
    • Establishment, maintenance and distribution of water/ electricity supply/ sewage system
    • Safety of University buildings, extensions to existing structures/ premises and University's land/ Estate
  • Convene the meetings of the Building Committee and record proceedings

Estate Administration and Allied Services Section

Photo Executive Engineer
Sangam Sadanand Sinai Talaulikar
Executive Engineer

Photo Assistant Engineer
Shailesh Kamat
Assistant Engineer


  • Plan, obtain approvals, cost estimate, tender, execute, supervise and certify for the works such as:
    • Housekeeping services to maintain cleanliness in the University buildings and premises including garbage collection keeping in mind Swacch Bharat action plan
    • Horticulture / gardening and landscaping, making/ fixing of sign boards
    • Control of wild fire and other fire related matters
    • Disinfestation of university property
    • Maintenance of furniture, water purifiers
    • Security provisions at various places including use of electronic surveillance system on the campus and elaborate security arrangements during strikes/ agitations
    • Maintenance of University vehicles
  • Execution of transport
  • Arrangements during Convocation and other functions
  • Allotment of residential quarters, booking of conference halls and meeting rooms
  • Leasing out University premises and timely collection of rent and other utility charges
  • Maintain record of the flora at the University campus
  • Convene the meetings of the respective committees and record proceedings
  • Transport facility from KTC Bus Stand, Panaji to University and return