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Staff & Activities

Bertha T.A. D'Mello e Daniel
Bertha T.A. D'Mello e Daniel
Deputy Registrar

The Directorate Division of the University is responsible for assisting the ten Directorates, various Scholarships, Endowments, Anti-ragging, Counsellor, and Right to Information matters.

The specific activities which are carried out in the section are as described below:

Photo AR DTT
Shri Shashikant Morajkar
Assistant Registrar


  • Matters pertaining to all Directorates except DDLI.
  • Right to Information (RTI) Act matters.
  • Student’s scholarships (PG and Ph. D) matters.
  • Endowment matters.
  • Appointment of Counsellor.
  • Anti-ragging on the campus matters.