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School of Sanskrit, Philosophy and Indic Studies

Erstwhile (i) Department of Philosophy, and (ii) School of Sanskrit and Indic Knowledge Systems


Koshy Tharakan
Professor of Philosophy

Year of Establishment : 2021

Office Phone : +91-8669609148

Email : [email protected]


The School of Sanskrit, Philosophy and Indic Studies (SSPIS) is the outcome of integrating two separate academic units at Goa University, namely, the Department of Philosophy, one of the oldest Departments, and the nascent School of Sanskrit and Indic Knowledge Systems into a composite whole for wider and deeper engagements. Academic study of Philosophy at Goa University was initially part of the then Centre for Post-Graduate Instruction and Research of University of Bombay (CPIR-1967). Subsequently, when Goa University came into existence, it became one of the constituent departments.

Currently, the SSPIS offers Master’s as well as Doctoral studies in Philosophy, encompassing both the Indian and Western Philosophical specializations. As Philosophy overarches beyond any specific subject matter as far as it involves systematic investigation into various sources and methodologies of knowledge, the Master’s Programme in Philosophy at Goa University offers a wide range of courses, both as Core and as Optional that aim to develop critical awareness in understanding other disciplines and subject matters. Built on the classical foundations, the curriculum addresses contemporary developments and prepares the students for an informed and meaningful life. The small classroom size serves well the learning eco-system. Opportunity for student exchange programmes is also available for the students with reputed Universities abroad.

SSPIS has a very robust research programme and students from other reputed Universities both from India and abroad pursue their studies here. Over the years, with sustained efforts of the faculty and students, the Philosophy programme at Goa University has been able to embark on the path towards excellence in teaching and learning. Prof. Ramakant A. Sinari, Prof A.V. Afonso, Prof. U.A. Vinayakumar, Dr. Milan B. Desai, Prof. A. Raghuramaraju and Prof. C.A. Tomy were faculty members of Philosophy here and had contributed to the growth of the discipline.

In the near future, SSPIS would offer programme of studies in Sanskrit Language and Literature, Computational Linguistics, Pali and Buddhist Studies besides Philosophy. Through these academic programmes, SSPIS aims to explore the dialogical potentials of our ancient knowledge and wisdom traditions with our contemporary concerns in order to build a cosmopolitan knowledge community, capable of addressing the societal challenges from the perspective of the Humanities discipline aimed at molding the enlightened citizens.

Thrust areas:

The thrust of the M.A. programme is on developing a critical acumen with regard to a significant variety of philosophical problems, notions and systems. 

Academic programmes leading to a Degree / Diploma / Certificate :

Programme Programme Director Intake
M.A. PhilosophyTime Table | Syllabus | Syllabus 2022-23 Walter Menezes19
M.A. SanskritTime Table | Syllabus Yogita Chhatre-
M.Phil. Philosophy--
Ph.D. Philosophy--
PG Certificate in Aspects of Classical Indian TheatreSyllabus Yogita Chhatre-
PG Certificate in Sanskrit StudiesSyllabus Yogita Chhatre-


Name Designation Areas of Interest
Yogita ChhatreAssistant ProfessorSanskrit Grammar, Manuscriptology, Epics, Classical Sanskrit Poetry
Walter MenezesAssistant ProfessorClassical Indian Philosophy, Vedanta, Buddhism & Jainism, Philosophy of Religion, Legal Philosophy, Logic & Epistemology
Maria Norma Menezes e RebelloAssociate ProfessorExistentialism
Rajavi Damodar NaikAssistant ProfessorApplied ethics and Indian philosophy
Sanjyot D. PaiVernekarProfessorMedical Ethics
Koshy TharakanProfessorPhilosophy of Social Sciences and Phenomenology

Other Information:

  • Activity Report: महाकवि-कालिदास-दिनम् - Mahākavi Kālidāsa Day (8 Jul 2024)
  • Activity Report: Online guest lecture on "Navigating Moral Dilemmas in Digital Motherhood" (28 Jun 2024)
  • Activity Report: Online guest lecture on 'Selection of a Journal for Research Publication' by Dr. Murari P. Tapaswi (30 Apr 2024)
  • Activity Report: Online guest lecture on 'Philosophy of Space(s)' by Prof Stephan Günzel (19 Mar 2024)
  • Activity Report: Talk on 'Philosophical Therapy of Mind and Truth' (23 Jan 2024)
  • Activity Report: 'Dialogue and Silence in Philosophy' International Multidisciplinary Seminar (18-19 Jan 2024)
  • Activity Report: Talk on 'The Philosophocal Art of James Joycee' (11 Jan 2024)
  • Activity Report: Online guest lecture on "Freud and Feminism" by Dr Palak Mittal (5 Dec 2023)
  • Activity Report: Talk on ' Decolonial Epistemic Authority-Reparations' (24 Nov 2023)
  • Activity Report: Online talk "Does Smartphone Act Like a Rosary?" Byung-Chul Han, Szymon Wrobel and Maggi Savin-Baden" (20 Oct 2023)
  • Activity Report: National-level webinar on Bounds of Community Language, Identity, and Praxis (13 & 14 Oct 2023)
  • Activity Report: Online Guest Lecture titled "How I see myself - Self-portraits and aesthetic and epistemic purism" by Prof M. Sen (6 Oct 2023)
  • Activity Report: The Talk on 'Indian Knowledge Systems and the New Frontiers of Sanskrit' (04 Sep 2023)
  • Activity Report: Three Distinct Phases of Buddhist Thought and Its Basic Thematic Unity (25 Aug 2023)
  • Activity Report: "Meri Maati Mera Desh" Campaign (10-11 Aug 2023)
  • Activity Report: Yoga and Alternative Medicine (14 Jul 2023)
  • Activity Report: Online Guest Lecture titled "Philosophy and Film" by Dr Amita Valmiki (28 Jul 2023)
  • Activity Report: Guest Lecture titled "The Unsettled Ground of Phenomenological Inquiry" by Dr Michael van Manen (23 Jun 2023)
  • Activity Report: Summer Camp 2023 (12-16 May 2023)
  • Activity Report: Guest lecture titled "Exploring the hidden side of lived experience through Micro-phenomenology" by Dr Claire Petitmengin, Professor Emerita at the Institut Mines-Télécom (21 Apr 2023)
  • Activity Report: Guest lecture titled 'Thinking Civility and Justice: Some notes on Caste and Democracy in India' by Prof Suryakant Waghmore (3 Apr 2023)
  • Activity Report: Guest lecture titled "A Ricoeurian Approach to Hermeneutics of Architecture" by Dr Luís António Umbelino (24 Feb 2023)
  • Activity Report: Philosophy Day (10 Feb 2023)
  • Activity Report: Guest lecture titled, "Aleksei Losev’s Philosophy of Language" by Dr Olga Lyanda-Geller (27 Jan 2023)
  • Activity Report: Guest lecture titled "The concept of Sakshin in the light of Advaita Vedanta" by Swami Narasimhananda (30 Nov 2022)
  • Activity Report: Guest lecture titled "Philosophy, Primal Wonder, and the Future of Education" by Dr Thomas E. Jackson (28 Oct 2022)
  • Activity Report: Guest lecture titled "What is Philosophy? Example: Racism (Necro-being as morally worst form)" by Dr Leonard Harris (30 Sep 2022)
  • Activity Report: Guest lecture titled "Revisiting the Concept of Consciousness in Indian Philosophies" by Dr Madhusudan Penna (26 Aug 2022)
  • Activity Report: Talk titled, "Samvaad: A Dialogue on Vedanta in everyday living" by Acharya Prashant (16 Aug 2022)
  • Activity Report: Guest lecture titled "Embodied Care: Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Feminist Care Ethics" by Dr Maurice Hamington (27 Jul 2022)