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Pushpanjali Sharma

Office of the Counsellor: Ground Floor, D-Block, Goa University

Meet counsellor by appointment (email) OR
Walk-in to the office on Monday or Tuesday between 2.30pm-5.30pm

Readers looking for counselling on the choice of the programme are adviced to contact the concerned Heads of the Departments/Programme Directors in the Schools running the programmes. Their contacts are available on the website at Academics > Departments and Schools.

If you have any admission related queries, please contact Systems > Academic Matters > Post-Graduate Programmes head.

This counselling service is open for the regular students for their difficulties only.

Counselling facility at the University is available to evolve self-awareness/ self-education through embodied somatic transformative practice. This includes:

  • How to cultivate self-awareness to recognize debilitating patterns of thought, emotions and action and shift to more healthy and harmonious ways of being
  • How to recognize one’s strengths, and connect to one’s own intuition, insight and innate wisdom
  • How to consider moving out of being a victim of ones story, to moving and shifting the story, and perhaps even coming to be creators of a new story
  • Teaching how to be connected to self, environment, education and their lives
  • Broadening perception and cognitive abilities through experiential practices
  • Facilitating an environment in which they find ease, support and freedom within themselves so that their internal state enables them to transcend their problems, or self-debilitating patterns and habits naturally
  • Understanding the importance of process-driven approach, instead of end-gaining
  • Empowering individuals to be creative agents of their own change
  • Training to recognize where they are and where they want to be

Questions one may choose to look into:

  • Is my self-worth defined by my achievements?
  • How do I pursue my goals?
  • How do I treat myself, am I kind/ pushy/ self-critical/harsh etc.?
  • Are my choices conditioned?
  • What state are you in, are you tensed? Anxious? Tired? What is going on inside you?
  • Do I have a healthy interest in my self? How do take care of myself?
  • How to balance work and rest?
  • How to meditate?
  • How to be an empathetic and present leader?
  • How to be the change you want to see?
  • What are the boxes I am restricted by?
  • What are the masks I hide behind?
  • How to cultivate healthy relationships with myself and others?

Note: Space is open for anyone who wants to grow, to change, to learn how to be self-aware. Anyone who wants to open up, and learn how to create a holistic and healthy life for themselves. It is normal to want to learn how to help yourself, resolve issues that need to be addressed, heal from difficult experiences. Strict confidentiality will be maintained at all times.