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Nilesh A. Borde
Chief Warden Men's Hostels

Men's Hostel: +91-8669609083; +91-0832-6519391

Ph.D. Hostel: +91-7066040047

Priya Mallika D'Costa
Assistant Professor
Chief Warden Women's Hostels

Women's Hostel: +91-8669609085; +91-8669609305

Ph.D. Hostel: +91-8669609087

Goa University provides hostel facility for men as well as women students on the University campus. There are two hostels each for men and women. Priority for accommodation at the University Hostels is given to students who have enrolled for post-graduate programmes and research students at the University campus. Requests for hostel accommodation from students of affiliated colleges is considered only subject to availability of accommodation.

Students residing at the University hostels shall be required to pay mess charges (towards breakfast, lunch and dinner) for Semester in advance along with payment of accommodation charges. Eating in the hostel mess is compulsory for the occupants.

Hostels at a glance:


  • Mess
  • WiFi Internet connectivity: (1Gbps Fibre optic backbone and 100 Mbps Leased line provided by NKN)
  • TV Room
  • Sports (Carom, Table Tennis, Badminton and Volleyball) for Women's hostels only
  • Bus service during the term on working days at select timings to and from Departments
Time Starts at Via Terminates at
8.50 amHostelsBlocks C, B, A, EBlock F
9.05 amHostelsBlocks C, B, A, EBlock F
9.20 amHostelsBlocks C, B, A, EBlock F
12.35 pmBlock FBlocks E, A, B, CHostels
1.25 pmHostelsBlocks C, B, A, EBlock F
1.45 pmBlock FBlocks E, A, B, CHostels
1.55 pmHostelsBlocks C, B, A, EBlock F
2.15 pmHostelsBlocks C, B, A, EBlock F
4.30 pmBlock FBlocks E, A, B, CHostels
5.10 pmBlock FBlocks E, A, B, CHostels
5.30 pmBlock FBlocks E, A, B, CHostels

Capacity of the hostels at the campus

Hostel Name Single Seated Rooms Double Seated Rooms Total capacity
Men's Hostel I (PG Students) Miramar   84 168
Men's Hostel II (Ph.D. Students) Baga 28   28
Women's Hostel I (PG Students) Cavolosim   100 200
Women's Hostel Renovated (PG Students) Arambol   30 60
Women's Hostel II (Ph.D. Students) Palolem 40   40
Women's Hostel   18 36


  1. Students who are admitted to the Post Graduate Departments of Goa University shall be given first priority for admissions to the hostels. Research Scholars working in different R&D projects of University Departments, students registered for Ph.D. Degree in Goa University shall be given hostel facility subject to availability of vacant rooms. Applications of such students are to be forwarded through the concerned Principal investigator/Supervising teacher and the Head of the Department to the competent authority of the University.
  2. Admissions to the Hostel and allocation of rooms to students shall be at the discretion of the competent authority of the University.
  3. An application for hostel accommodation should be submitted to the Hostel Warden in the prescribed form (available with the information bulletin, website) with payment of Rs.25.00. The duly filled form should be submitted with:
    • One recent passport size and one identity card size photograph.
    • A copy of fee receipt from the University/College for the course for which admission has been secured.
    • Certificate of health from a competent medical authority as notified by the Hostel authority. Foreign students should produce contagious diseases - AIDS free – certificate.
    • A Character Certificate from the previous institution where the student was studying.
    • Residence proof copy (Residence Certificate/Adhaar card).
    • Students who apply for admission to the Ladies’ Hostel shall submit a list of residential addresses and contact numbers of persons whom the student may visit or stay with when permission for 'night out' is obtained. This list should be signed by the parent(s).
    • For girl students seeking accommodation in the hostel, the local guardian/parent should meet the Warden when the student occupies the room for the first time.
  4. Applications from new students should reach the office as per the notification issued by the Warden at the beginning of the academic year. In case of registered Ph.D. student the hostel admission will be granted up to March (for those taking admission in January) and up to September (for those taking admission in July) every year. However research scholars in different R&D projects will be given hostel accommodation as and when they join the particular Department of the University subject to availability of rooms.
  5. In case of PG students, admission will be granted for only one year at a time. Although every efforts will be made to accommodate all eligible students in the Hostel, no student can rightfully claim automatic admission for the subsequent year. However, in case of registered Ph.D. students/research scholars, admission to the subsequent year will be on the basis of the satisfactory report of Department research committee forwarded by Head of the Department and by the Dean of the concerned faculty to the chief warden.
  6. For re-admission, the application form, duly forwarded by the HOD and with a copy of Dept. fees challan, should reach the Warden's office when hostel admissions are notified
  7. A student should occupy the room allotted to him/her within seven days, failing which admission to the hostel shall stand cancelled.
  8. Students will be permitted to stay in the hostel for a maximum of five days after the last day of her/his final examination or the semester, whichever is later. In special cases where a student is required to extend his/her stay at the hostel till 31st May, a request for extension substantiated with valid reasons. shall be forwarded through the HOD for consideration of the Warden. Those who are overstaying will be charged at the rate of Rs. 50/- per day and this to be paid vide bank challan.
  9. Contact Women's Hostel office for more details at [email protected]
  10. Contact Men's Hostel office for more details at [email protected]


    Particulars Rupees
    a) Application form and processing 25.00
    b) Accommodation fee for two terms  
     For PG degree students
      Masters Degree program (Shared accommodation)
     For Research scholars and scholars registered for Ph.D. degree
      1) Full HRA will be deducted from Research scholars who are availing fellowship along with HRA as a separate component
      2) Research scholars availing fellowship as a consolidated amount (without any separate component of HRA) 1000.00 per month
      3) Scholars registered for Ph.D. degree and not having any fellowship (In such cases hostel rent for the entire year needs to be paid in advance) 1000.00 per month
    c) Refundable Caution Deposit (Hostel Deposit) 3000.00
    d) Fine per day for late payment of fees 10.00
    e) Fees per day for short duration stay of less than 25 days (For Goa University students only) 75.00
    f) Special Fees per day for Summer research students
        + Refundable Caution deposit (short stay <25 days) Rs. NIL
        + Refundable Caution deposit (long stay >24 days) Rs. 3,000=00
    g) Issue any Certificate 20.00

  12. No fees paid in connection with the hostel admission, except the Caution Deposit, will be refunded or adjusted. However, under certain extra-ordinary and genuine situations, the competent authorities may consider the same, entirely at their discretion.
  13. Regular students of Goa University will not be permitted to reside at the hostel on daily payment basis. However, students seeking temporary stay during sports events, "Plateaunica", research field trips etc. shall be permitted to stay in the hostel on daily basis with the prior payment of the fees and approval of the Convenor, Hostel Management Committee. Such facility may be availed by a student only once during an academic term and subject to maximum period of stay is 15 days.
  14. Annual hostel fee is to be paid in one installment at the time of admission. Cases of students of MBA (Part-II) and MCA (Part-III) who intend to vacate the hostel for an internship will be dealt with in accordance with the rules and regulations of the University in force at that time.
  15. Students admitted to the Hostel shall accept the room allotted to them by the Warden. The Warden reserves the right to re-allocate rooms during the term, if the situation so demands.


(Rules detailed below are not exhaustive and may be amended by the University from time to time. Such amendments will be notified on the Hostel Notice Board.).

  1. Hostel residents are required to observe the hostel rules and regulations as well as the directives issued by the Warden or the Hostel Management Committee from time to time.
  2. Before occupying the room the resident should inspect all items carefully. If any damage is caused at a later stage, the resident shall be held responsible and necessary charges for the same shall be recovered from him/her.
  3. All inmates of the Hostel are required to produce their University Identity Card /Hostel Identity Card before the security personnel while entering the Hostel.
  4. Silence hours for study must be observed from 10.00 p.m. 8.00 a.m. No loud music should be played in the hostel.
  5. Incoming telephone calls are permitted only from 8.30 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. Not more than three minutes should be used for an incoming call.
  6. All PG students residing in the hostel should sign the Hostel register (kept with the Hostel security) before 8.00 p.m. The research or Ph.D. students are instructed to do the same before 8.30 p.m.
  7. No student will be allowed to spend a night out or enter late in the hostel after 8.00/ 8.30p.m. as applicable in rule 6, without a written request from the Parent or the Local Guardian.
  8. For academic assignments, "Late Night Pass" on daily basis will be issued by the Warden to all hostel students on the basis of the recommendation of the HOD / Research supervisor I Project Supervisor.
  9. Parents may be received at the Women's Hostel between 4.00 p.m. and 7.00 p.m. on weekdays and from 9.30 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. on Sundays and Public Holidays. Visitors are expected to wait in the 'Visitors' Room' and are not permitted to enter the hostel rooms or the common room.
  10. The inmates shall maintain a high standard of personal hygiene and cleanliness. Misuse of bathrooms and toilets is a social offence and should be strictly avoided.
  11. Use of electrical appliances such as Hot Plate, Immersion Heater, etc. is strictly prohibited. Cooking inside the rooms is also prohibited. Students violating this clause will be liable for payment of fine up to Rs. 1000.00
  12. All the facilities existing in the hostel should be utilized in a proper manner. The residents shall take care of University property, especially water coolers/ purifiers, geysers, on-off switches, etc. If any misuse of the said facility is observed, a general fine shall be paid by each resident as determined by the Warden, based on the damage caused to the hostel property.
  13. Before vacating the Hostel the student should intimate the Warden and obtain a "NO DUES CERTIFICATE". The application in prescribed form for refund of hostel Caution Deposit should be handed over to the Warden along with the cupboard keys at the time of vacating the Hostel Room.
  14. Students going home on holidays or temporarily not residing in the hostel for more than 5 days should inform the Warden about the same in advance and hand over the keys of the hostel room to the hostel authorities.
  15. Disfiguring of walls by sticking posters, paintings etc. in the hostel is strictly prohibited. Similarly, no tampering with the electrical systems, study desk, ward-robes etc. will be permitted. A fine of Rs. 100/- per incidence of indiscipline will be charged and if same is not paid within 7 days it shall be deducted from caution deposit. Fans, tube lights, etc, should be switched off when not required.
  16. During repair and maintenance of the rooms/hostel, the inmates shall cooperate with the authorities and if required, the student may be asked to shift to a different room, as per the availability.
  17. Smoking is strictly prohibited within the University campus. Consumption of liquor/drugs and indulging in any other unlawful activity is STRICTLY PROHIBITED in the hostel premises. Students are also not permitted to enter the hostel after consuming alcohol outside the campus.
  18. Students are advised not to leave valuables such as gold ornaments, mobile phones, cash, etc. in their rooms. No complaint will be entertained in case of loss/theft.
  19. The Warden is authorised to inspect the hostel rooms periodically, without any prior notice.
  20. No student will be allowed to change an alloted room wihout the consent of the Warden. Students found violating this rule shall be liable for disciplinary action.
  21. Students shall not entertain non-hostelite students or outsiders in their room. Hostelite students violating this clause will be liable for disciplinary action or payment of fine up to Rs.500/- and if same is not paid within 7 days, it shall be deducted from caution deposit.
  22. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited. Ragging is a cognizable offence and any student indulging in such behavior will be dealt with severely in accordance with the guidelines of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India and provisions of the Goa Prevention of Ragging Bill 2007. Possible punishments for those found guilty of participation in or abetment of ragging/ disobeying disciplinary rules of Hostel include:
    • Cancellation of admission.
    • Suspension from attending classes.
    • Withholding / withdrawing scholarship/fellowship and other benefits.
    • Debarring from appearing in any test/examinations, etc.
    • Withholding results.
    • Debarring from representing the University in any international meet, tournament, youth festival etc.
    • Expulsion from the hostel.
    • Expulsion from the University and consequent debarring from admission to any other institution.
    • Fine up to Rs 25.000/-
    • Rigorous imprisonment.
  23. Any hostel inmate found guilty of misconduct or breach of the above rules or of gross indiscipline or who is found to be a bad influence on other resident students, is liable to be expelled forthwith. The decision of the authorities in this regard shall be final and binding on the student.
  24. Ph. D. students/research scholars in R&D projects, who are employed shall not be granted admission to the Hostels. Any research students who takes up employment after being admitted to the Hostel will be required to immediately notify the warden of the same and to vacate the Hostel within 7 days of taking up employment.
  25. The chief warden reserves the right break open rooms in case of any violation of hostel rules, suspected unlawful activities or on the basis of security risk perceived.
  26. If a student vacates the hostel without prior information/permission from hostel authorities, he/she will not be re-admitted to the hostel for a minimum period of 6 months in a given academic year.
  27. Pets of all kinds are prohibited inside the hostel. Feeding stray dogs or cats in the hostel premises is not permitted.
  28. All instructions/notices displayed on notice boards will be deemed to have been read by all residents and excuses for non-compliance of such instructions and notices will not be accepted. Residents are advised to look at the notice board everyday to acquaint themselves with latest information/orders.
  29. Plastic Free Zone: Goa University campus is a 'Plastic Free Zone'. Residents should ensure that plastic bags are not used for any purpose whatsoever.
  30. Vehicle and Parking: All hostelites are directed not to park their 2-wheelers in front of the entrance. The same should be parked in the designated parking shed/parking lot and should not be obstructing normal movement around the hostel.
  31. Every student opting for Goa University hostel accommodation from the academic year 2018 onwards, will have to be a part of hostel governance student committees, as and when requested by the Hostel Wardens. The hostel governance duties through Watch and Ward Committee, Cleanliness Committee, Student Mess Committees, Sport Committee etc., will be compulsory and active contribution towards hostel governance and the responsibility of every committee member. Students disagreeing to the above duties shall either not be admitted or shall be rusticated from the hostel.


  1. It is mandatory for hostel inmates to join the hostel mess. All students taking admission to the hostel shall have to pay the Mess charges as applicable for FULL YEAR in advance, along with payment of the hostel fees. It may be noted that a student shall be admitted to hostel only after full payment of hostel fees and mess fees as above.
  2. Local students who may prefer to go home at the weekends are offered the option to pay Mess charges on the basis of only five days, week (i.e., excluding Saturday and Sunday).
  3. Students shall not make any direct payment to the Mess contractor for the standard meals.
  4. Evening tea/snacks are not included in the Mess charges and the students shall be required to pay towards such facilities availed, if any, directly to the Mess Contractor.
  5. Mess will remain closed during the Breaks and Vacations notified in the University Prospectus for the year. During vacation and holidays food will be provided on prior payment to the Mess Contractor.
  6. Students who are officially required to stay away from hostel for the purpose of research / sample collection, field trip, etc. for a period of minimum 3 days at a time shall be granted leave of absence from the Mess, provided such a request for exemption is certified by the Head of the Department/research supervisor and submitted to the warden at least 5 days in advance. In such cases the Mess fees shall be adjusted against pending mess payments.
  7. Due to annual process of tendering, incase the catering service has to be re-tendered, difference in amount of fee collected shall have to be borne by the hostel students.


Photo Warden Men's Hostels
Abhinay P. Pai
Warden Men's Hostels

Photo Warden Women's Hostels
Maya M. Naik
Warden Women's Hostel


  • Khelo Hostel: Sports event at Men's Hostel (20-23 Feb 2024)
  • Anti–Ragging Workshop (16 Aug 2023)