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Goa Business School

Erstwhile Departments of (i) Commerce, (ii) Computer Science & Technology, (iii) Economics, and (iv) Management Studies


The Goa Business School is established by the amalgamation of departments that can deliver better together. The departments that are amalgamated in the Goa Business School are Commerce (established in 1988), Computer Science & Technology (1987), Economics (1968 Centre for Post-Graduate Instruction & Research at Goa - CPIR - affiliated to then University of Bombay) and Management Studies (1988). Each of these departments has a glorious past. The Department of Economics has a legacy of a part of Centre for Post-Graduate Instruction and Research (CPIR) that gave birth to the University. The Department of Computer Science and Technology was established with initial financial assistance from DOE/UGC under the Manpower Development Scheme. The amalgamation would allow the faculty and research students to discover new synergies that remained hidden within department silos, rebrand and showcase our strengths in research and teaching in these areas together. The students passing out from these departments have been absorbed in the industry within India and abroad in the past.
While the amalgamation is with the defined objectives, we can not forget the contributions that are made individually by the departments. Therefore, the graphs of the publications and the number of PhDs exhibited below also indicate the strength of these disciplines together. The academic programmes of each of these would evolve over a period of time with the synergy in the near future that provides challenging opportunities to the students passing out of the Goa Business School. Scroll on this page to view a variety of programmes that are being offered including the number of seats. Visit the faculty pages to know more about them and their strengths individually. Have a look at the projects that were carried out in the past and at hand currently and contact us for the opportunities, collaborations, and exchanges and explore the best amongst us.
The school has established good contacts with the industry and business enterprises in and outside Goa for corporate internship and placement services. The programmes provide comprehensive knowledge and practice covering various aspects needed in the industry. Goa University has thus become one of the select universities.

Thrust areas:

• Aspect Oriented Programming
• Capital Management in SMEs
• Capital Market Studies
• Capital Markets
• Compiler Construction, Machine Learning
• Computer Aided Design
• Computer Science and Education
• Computers and Graphics
• Consumer Behavior
• Corporate Finance
• Cost management
• Data Base Management Systems
• Data Communications and Computer Networking
• Data Mining, Data Structures
• Development Economics
• Environment and development
• Finance and Accounting
• Financial Services
• International Trade and Regional Trade Agreements
• Machine Learning (ML)
• Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)
• Mutual Funds
• National Language processing
• Natural Language Processing (NLP)
• Object Oriented Technology
• Operating Systems
• Refactoring, Design Patterns
• Retail Management
• Risk management
• Security Analysis
• Shareholder Value Creation
• Software Architecture
• Taxation
• Tourism and Hospitality
• User Experience (UX/UI) Design and Engineering
• Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality
• Web Technology

Academic programmes leading to a Degree / Diploma / Certificate :

Programme Programme Director Intake
Integrated M.B.A. (Hospitality, Travel & Tourism)Syllabus | Syllabus 2022-23 Kevin D'Souza40
M.A. EconomicsTime Table | Syllabus | Syllabus 2022-23 Heena S. Gaude63
M.B.A.Time Table | Syllabus | Syllabus 2022-23 Suraj Pavto Velip60
M.B.A. (Executive)Time Table | Syllabus Narayan Parab30
M.B.A. (Financial Services)Time Table | Syllabus | Revised Syllabus | Syllabus 2022-23 Harip Khanapuri60
M.C.A.Time Table | Syllabus | Revised Syllabus | Syllabus 2022-23 Ramrao S. Wagh60
M.Com.Time Table | Syllabus | Syllabus 2022-23 Aakruthi A. Alarnkar75
M.Sc. Artificial IntelligenceSyllabus 2023-24 S. Baskar-
M.Sc. Data ScienceSyllabus 2023-24 Payaswini P.-
M.Sc. IntegratedSyllabus | Syllabus 2023-24 Yma F. Pinto-
M.Phil. Computer ScienceSyllabus --
M.Phil. Economics--
M.Phil. Management Studies--
Ph.D. CommerceGuntur Anjana Raju-
Ph.D. Computer ScienceJyoti D. Pawar-
Ph.D. EconomicsP.K. Sudarsan-
Ph.D. Management StudiesPurva G. Hegde-Desai-


Name Designation Areas of Interest
Aakruthi A. AlarnkarAssistant ProfessorBehavioural Finance, Capital Markets
S. BaskarAssociate ProfessorArtificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Analytics/Data science and IoT
Nilesh A. BordeProfessorFinance and Financial Economics (Shareholder Value Creation, Corporate Finance, Capital Markets, Mergers & Acquisitions)
Jick CastanhaAssistant ProfessorTourism, Marketing, Finance
B.P. Sarath ChandranProfessorInternational Economics
Gaurpriya ChodankerAssistant Professor (Contract)Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Machine Learning
Kevin D'SouzaAssistant ProfessorHospitality, Food sector
Sumita DattaAssistant Professor (Contract)Economics
M.S. DayanandProfessorMarketing and Tourism
Pournima S. Shenvi DhumeAssistant ProfessorFinance, Capital Market Studies, Taxation, Mutual Funds, Retail Management
Swapnil Suresh FadteAssistant ProfessorInformation retrieval, Operations research, Speech processing
Jarret Stevan Anthony FernandesAssistant ProfessorProgramming Paradigms, Web Technologies, Mobile Apps, Software Engineering, Assistive Education, User Experience (UX/UI) Design, Computer Graphics Applications
Vishal K. GaonkarAssistant ProfessorFinance and Agriculture
Sadanand P. GaonkarAssistant ProfessorHospitality, Travel and Tourism Management, Finance and Banking, Marketing Management, and Human Resource Management
Heena S. GaudeAssistant ProfessorAgriculture in Goa, Macroeconomics
Purva G. Hegde-DesaiSenior ProfessorFinance and Marketing, Financing and Working Capital Management in SMEs and Consumer Behaviour
Avina Atchut KavthankarAssistant ProfessorPublic Finance, Agricultural Economics
Harip KhanapuriAssociate ProfessorAccounting, Corporate Finance, Capital Markets
Teja Tushar KhandolkarAssistant ProfessorMarketing
Preeti Ravindranath KhorjuvenkarAssistant ProfessorData Structures, Evolutionary and Swarm based algorithms, Devops
Prachi P. KolamkerAssistant ProfessorCorporate Governance, Finance, Accounting
Teja KundaikarAssistant ProfessorOptical Character Recognition and Data Analytics
Paresh R. LingadkarAssistant ProfessorOrganizational Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Tourism Management
Pranab MukhopadhyayProfessorEnvironment, Macroeconomics, Growth
Sujal L. NaikAssistant ProfessorInternational Tourism
Priyanka NaikAssistant ProfessorAccounting and Finance
Ramdas N. Naik KarmaliAssistant ProfessorData Communications and Computer Networking, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Web Technology
Rajanala NirmalaAssociate ProfessorMarketing & HR
Payaswini P.Assistant ProfessorData Communication and Networking, Data Structures
Narayan ParabAssistant ProfessorAccounting and Finance (Capital Markets, Foreign Exchange Market, Mergers and Acquisitions, Renewable Energy)
Sanjeeta G. ParabAssistant ProfessorDerivatives, Commodity Market, Information and market efficiency
Jyoti D. PawarProfessorData Mining, Data Structures, Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Pinky PawaskarAssistant ProfessorConsumer Behavior, Tourism, Advertising
Yma F. PintoAssociate ProfessorData Base Management Systems, Operating Systems, Computer Science and Education
Guntur Anjana RajuProfessorAccounting & Finance and Capital market studies
Yeruva Venkata Ramana ReddySenior ProfessorFinance and Accounting
Hanumant Harichandra RedkarAssistant ProfessorNatural Language Processing, Language Learning, Konkani Language R & D
Poonam J. SadekarAssistant ProfessorHospitality and Tourism
K.G. SankaranarayananProfessorFinance, Marketing, HR, Capital Market, Tourism and Hospitality
Padyala SriRamAssistant ProfessorAccounting and Finance
K.B. SubhashProfessorFinance, Entrepreneurship, Quantitative Techniques, Strategic Management, Materials Management and Tourism
Albino ThomsonAssistant ProfessorHospitality, Rooms Division
Tina VazAssistant Professor (Contract)Image processing, Machine Learning
Suraj Pavto VelipAssistant ProfessorAccounting and Finance
Ramrao S. WaghAssociate ProfessorSoftware Architecture, Object Oriented Tech., Agile and Lean Methods, Geographical Information Systems, Aspect Oriented Programming, Refactoring, Design Patterns, e-Learning, Educational Tech.

Superannuated Faculty:

Name Designation Areas of Interest
Venkatesh V. KamatProfessorComputer & Graphics, CAD, Software Engineering E-learning
Silvia Maria De Mendonca NoronhaProfessorLabour Economics & Industrial Relations, Development Economics
Bommadevara RameshProfessorAccounting & finance, Capital market studies (functional areas), Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Tourism Sector
P.K. SudarsanProfessorInternational Economics, Economic Theory, Applied Economics


  • Databases
    • Bloomberg Database
    • CMIE Prowess Database
    • Microdata from Census
    • EPWRF India time series
  • Data Analysis Software and other facilities
    • SPSS Data Analysis Package
    • Amos: Structural Equations Modelling Software
    • E-Views
    • Stata
    • Microsoft MSDN subscription
    • Access to Matlab Academic Licence
    • Oracle Academy Membership
    • Windows and Linux and Audio-video facility
    • Intel Galileo boards and IoT kits for building IoT projects
    • Access to Param Shavak Super Computers, Linux and Window servers
    • Book-Bank
    • Uninterrupted Wi-Fi facility
    • E-journals from Emerald, Science Direct, Ebsco and Proquest, etc.
    • There are number of computer labs, air-conditioned classrooms with audio-visual facilities, and meeting rooms and auditorium

Other Information:

  • Activity Report: Interactive Session on Government Securities Market and RBI Retail Direct Scheme-GBS (11 Oct 2023)
  • Activity Report: "Two-day Workshop on "Complete Technical Analysis" (28 & 29 Sep 2023)
  • Activity Report: Campus Placement Drive (16 Sep 2023)
  • Activity Report: Infotalks (10-11 Aug 2023)
  • Activity Report: Infofest 2023 (10 Aug 2023)
  • Activity Report: SERI (Software Engineering Research in India) Update Meeting (2-3 Jun 2023)
  • Activity Report: Value Added Course on Spreadsheet Skills (24 Feb - 21 Apr 2023 (30 Hours Duration))
  • Activity Report: Y20 Panel Discussion (21 Apr 2023)
  • Activity Report: National Workshop on High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Domain-Specific Tools (16-18 Mar 2023)
  • Activity Report: DCST alumni meet 2023 (16 Apr 2023)
  • Activity Report: Hackathon @ Infofest 2023 (10-11 Aug 2023)
  • Activity Report: Industrial Visit to Mumbai (15-17 Mar 2023)
  • Activity Report: Alumni interaction talk on 'How to crack NET exam and guidance on answering GPSC exam' (3 Mar 2023)
  • Activity Report: Wellness Camp (28 Feb 2023)
  • Activity Report: Two Days Finishing School for MBA (Part II) Students (27-28 Feb 2023))
  • Activity Report: Food for Heathy Blood (17 Feb 2023)
  • Activity Report: Avid Learners Club talk on 'Balanced Diet - A healthy awareness for students' (16 Feb 2023)
  • Activity Report: Learn more and beyond Session on "Addressing common errors of Indian English". (6 Feb 2023)
  • Activity Report: Hosting visit of students and faculty members of Sullamussalam Science College, Areekode, Kerala (31 Jan 2023)
  • Activity Report: Learn more and beyond Session on 'Sensitizing on social issues' - Session 2: let’s break the vicious circle of menstrual taboos (28 Jan 2023)
  • Activity Report: Learn more and beyond Session on Sensitizing on social issues - Session 1: Towards a Gender Equal Society (27 Jan 2023)
  • Activity Report: Industrial Visit to Pune, Maharashtra (22-24 Jan 2023)
  • Activity Report: Digital Culture (21 Jan 2023)
  • Activity Report: Digital Resilience (14 Jan 2023)
  • Activity Report: Two-day national-level workshop on Structural Equation Modeling using Smart PLS (21-22 Dec 2022)
  • Activity Report: Stakeholders’ Outreach Workshop for Vidyaapati Project (12 Dec 2022)
  • Activity Report: 'Essence of Freedom...Nurturing the Scientist and Sage within' talk (10 Dec 2022)
  • Activity Report: Session on "Technology for Ayurveda: from scientific idea through innovation" (7 Dec 2022)
  • Activity Report: Garba Utsav 2022 (8 Oct 2022)
  • Activity Report: World Tourism Day, 2022 (27 Sep 2022)
  • Activity Report: Session on IPR and Patent Scheme (20 Sep 2022)
  • Activity Report: Freshers Party 2022 (17 Sep 2022)
  • Activity Report: Alumni Interaction with Mubashara Tumpa (16 Sep 2022)
  • Activity Report: Session on 'Addressing the Sanitation Challenge through an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: An Indian Perspective' (7 Sep 2022)
  • Activity Report: FDP on the LaTex Project (14-15 Jun 2022)
  • Activity Report: One day state level workshop on questionnaire design & testing (19 May 2022)