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Manohar Parrikar School of Law, Governance & Public Policy

Erstwhile Centre for Women's Studies/Department of Women’s Studies


Shaila Desouza
Professor of Women's Studies

Year of Establishment : 2021

Office Phone : +91-8669609165

Email : [email protected]


The Manohar Parrikar School of Law, Governance and Public Policy encompasses the disciplines of Law, Public Administration, Women's Studies, Tribal Studies, Disability Studies and the Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy. There are two distinct reasons for the establishment of the Manohar Parrikar School of Law, Governance and Public Policy in the Goa University. The first is to create within the only public University of the State a living memorial of Shri Manohar Parrikar, our late Chief Minister whose immense contributions to the people-centric public policies are widely recognised and celebrated. The School is named in the memory of a national leader who was widely recognised for his commitment to good and effective governance and popular public outreach. The second reason is to create an academic entity within Goa University that will conduct policy-relevant research and offer advanced programmes in applied social sciences, thereby contributing to the creation of a well-trained cadre of public policy professionals in the State as also the formulation of people-centric public policies.

Goa stands at a very interesting intersection with multiple claims on development, local aspirations and public policies. The state needs well designed research on service delivery, environmental issues, developmental issues, effective formulation and implementation of public policies in order to make public administration and governance more effective and adaptive to the new demands and challenges. Goa University seeks to contribute by establishing an academic institution for research and training in the areas of public policy, administration and governance which can assist legislators, officials and public servants at all levels in the performance of their duties. The Manohar Parrikar School shall act as a knowledge hub, where public policy experts, practitioners and members of the wider public will get a chance to deliberate on ideas of good governance and generate action-oriented research which would be in the larger interest of the state of Goa, the region and the rest of India.

Currently we offer programmes that lead to both M.A. and Ph.D. in Women's Studies. The Women’s Studies M.A. Programme is designed to facilitate critical thinking and develop new knowledge, to help students understand the creation and perpetuation of inequalities with the intention to develop in students the capacity and skills to bring about change, create new areas of service and to ultimately impact policy and the discourse on women’s development in the country. The programme is committed to social change from a gendered perspective as we strive to use new and inclusive methods of knowledge production in our efforts to bridge theory and practice. The programme also aims at creating research capacities for students to engage with the academic discipline of Women’s Studies. The faculty is actively engaged in extension, training, research, documentation, advocacy and field action in the wider community, while networking with organizations committed to women's empowerment at the state, national and international arenas.

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  • Academic programmes leading to a Degree / Diploma / Certificate :

    Programme Programme Director Intake
    M.A. Women's StudiesTime Table | Syllabus --
    Ph.D. Women's Studies--


    Name Designation Areas of Interest
    Nishtha DesaiAssistant ProfessorWomen's Studies, Feminist literature, Laws and policies relating to children's rights
    Shaila DesouzaProfessorGender, Health, Development, Law and Violence
    Aparna Prasad LolayekarAssociate ProfessorGrowth and Development Economics, Gender and Development, Spatial Econometrics and Spatial Data analysis
    Sulochana Suresh PednekarAssistant ProfessorGlobal Health with special emphasis on Reproductive health of Women, Education, Sanitation and Environment
    Prachi PrabhuAssistant ProfessorGender, Feminist history, Sexuality
    Vithai ZaraunkerAssistant ProfessorGender, Caste and Tribe