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Grievance Redressal

A Grievance Redressal Cell ( has been established by formation of a group of members on the committee at the University to ensure efficient and non-biased handling the students' grievances and develop and maintain a harmonious educational atmosphere.

A aggrieved student having grievance(s) for any of the following may seek justice by lodging complaint on the UGC's website ( under UGC (Grievance Redressal) Regulations 2012 or UGC (Promotion of Equity in Higher Education institutions, Regulations, 2012):

  • making admission contrary to merit determined in accordance with the declared admission policy of the institute
  • irregularity in the admission process adopted by the institute;
  • refusing admission in accordance with the declared admission policy of the institute
  • non publication of prospectus, as specified
  • publishing any information in the prospectus, which is false or misleading, and not based on facts
  • withhold or refuse to return any document in the form of certificates of degree, diploma or any other award or other document deposited with it by a person for the purpose of seeking admission in such institution, with a view to induce or compel such person to pay any fee or fees in respect of any course or program of study which such person does not intend to pursue
  • demand of money in excess of that specified in the declared admission policy or approved by the competent authority to be charged by such institution
  • breach of the policy for reservation in admission as may be applicable
  • complaints, of alleged discrimination of students, from the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes, Women, Minority or Disabled categories
  • non-payment or delay in payment of scholarships to any student that such institution is committed, under the conditions imposed by University Grants Commission, or by any other authority
  • delay in conduct of examinations or declaration of results beyond that specified in the academic calendar
  • on provision of student amenities as may have been promised or required to be provided by the institution
  • denial of quality education as promised at the time of admission or required to be provided
  • non transparent or unfair evaluation practices
  • harassment and victimisation of students, including sexual harassment.

Special Grievance cell has been established to handle grievances of the students related to examination activities arising due to the pandemic.