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SC/ST Cell

The SC/ST cell of Goa University comprises of the following members. Student(s) experiencing discrimination, may lodge complaint with the Liaison Officer by sending e-mail or handing over a letter. The Liaison officer's contact details are available in the link (below) to the name:

  • Prof. B.F. Rodrigues - Liaison Officer - Senior Professor & Dean, School of Biological Science & Biotechnology.
  • Dr. Sunita Umraskar - Coordinator - Associate Professor, Shenoi Goembab School of Languages & Literature.
  • Dr. Savita A. Kundaikar - Member - Assistant Professor, School of Chemical Sciences
  • Dr. Rupesh A. Kunkalkar - Member - Assistant Professsor, School of Chemical Sciences
  • Shri Sanket L. Gaude - Member - Assistant Registrar, Academic PG
  • Shri Kamlakar Bandodkar - Member - Superintendent, Academic Colleges
  • One member nominated by the State Government shall be invited to the meetings of the Cell. Concerned Sectional Head shall provide logistical support to the Cell in the conduct of its meetings/activities.

    The tenure of the Cell will be for a period of two years i.e. up to 08 Oct 2025.

    Terms of Reference:-

    • To ensure compliance of reservation orders issued in favor of SC/ST.
    • To guide in the implementation of various schemes earmarked and sanctioned by the UGC for SC/ST Category.