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American Chemical Society – eSS Collection (Full text)
American Institute of Physics – eSS Collection (Full text)
American Physical Society – eSS Collection (Full text)
Annual Reviews – eSS Collection (Full text)
Economic & Political Weekly (Full text)
Oxford University Press eSS Collection (Full text)
Project Muse (FT Database)
JSTOR (FT Database)
Springer Link 1700 Collection + Nature Journal (Full text)
Taylor and Francis eSS Collection (1076 titles) (Full Text)
Taylor and Francis eSS Collection (1076 titles) (Full Text)
Web of Science (Database)
Institute for Studies in Ind Dev (ISID)  (Database)
JGate Plus (JCCC) (Database)


APA Style Centre
Elsevier ScienceDirect Journals eSS 10 subject Collection (Full text)
IBID ( India Business Insight Database) (Database)
Proquest ABI Inform Collection (Full text)
ACM Digital Library (Full text)
Cambridge University Press – eSS Univ Collection
Emerald Univ Collection
SciFinder Scholar
Institute of Physics
Royal Society of Chemistry
SAGE Journals


 E-books – Cambridge University Press (e-books purchased by Goa University Library -214 nos)

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CMIE Prowess IQ database
EPWRF India Time Series
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