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Faculty Boards

Constitution, Powers and Functions

Faculty Board for every faculty is constituted under SA-18 and as per the ordinance OB-16 Constitution, Powers and Functions of the Faculty Board are as follows:  

The Faculty Board shall consist of the following members:  
The Dean of the Faculty Chairman (Ex-Officio)
(ii) Heads of the Department in the Faculty Members (Ex-Officio)
(iii) All Professors in the Faculty Members (Ex - Officio)
(iv) Not more than five teachers from the Departments in the Faculty (to be nominated By the Vice-Chancellor) - Members  

The term of office of the member other than ex-officio members shall be three years and they shall be eligible for re-nomination. The Dean of the Faculty shall be the Chairman of the Faculty Board and shall convene the meetings of the Board.

The powers and functions of the Faculty Board shall be :
(a) To coordinate the teaching and research work in the Departments assigned to the Faculty.
(b) To coordinate the teaching and research work of inter - disciplinary nature in the Faculty;
(c) To plan the general time - table of the Departments in the Faculty and review the arrangements of the space/room allocation for the lectures/seminars etc. among the Departments in the Faculty;
(d) To consider and act on any proposal regarding the welfare of the students in the Faculty.
(e) To consider schemes for t he advancement of the standard of coaching and research and to submit proposals in this regard to the Academic Council;
(f) To remit any matter to a Board of Studies within the purview of the Faculty for consideration and report;
(g) To perform all other functions which may be prescribed by the Act, Statute and Ordinances and to consider all such matters as may be referred to it by the Executive Council, Academic Council or the Vice - Chancellor.
(h) To delegate to the Dean or to any other member of the Faculty Board or to a Committee such powers, general or specific, as may be desired.

Meetings of the Faculty Board shall be ordinary or special. Ordinarily the meeting of the  Faculty Board shall be convened by the Dean/Chairman once a year. Special meetings may be called by  the Dean on his own initiative or shall be called at the suggestion of the Vice-Chancellor on a written  request from at least one - third of the members of the Faculty Board.

The quorum for a meeting of the Faculty Board shall be one - third of its total membership.

Notice for the ordinary meeting of the Faculty Board shall be issued at least ten days before  the date fixed for the meeting and for the special meeting at least five days before date fixed for the  meeting.

The decisions taken in the meeting of the Faculty Board shall be binding on every Department  in the Faculty. In case of any dispute the matter will be referred to the Vice - Chancellor whose decision  shall be final and binding on all the members of the Faculty Board.

Faculty Boards

Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies

(Term until: 29 Mar 2019)

1. Dean, Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies    Chairman (Ex-Officio)
2. Head, Department of Commerce    Member (Ex-Officio)
3. Head, Department of Management Studies    Member (Ex-Officio)
4. Prof. B. Ramesh    Member (Ex-Officio)
5. Prof. Nandkumar Mekoth    Member (Ex-Officio)
6. Prof. K. B. Subhash    Member (Ex-Officio)
7. Dr. M.S. Dayanand    Member
8. Dr. R. Nirmala    Member
9. Dr. Nilesh Borde    Member
10. Dr. SriRam Padyala    Member

Faculty of Natural Sciences

(Term until: 15 Dec 2018)
1. Dean, Faculty of Natural Sciences    Chairperson (Ex-Officio)
2. Head, Department of Physics       Member (Ex-Officio)
3. Head, Department of Chemistry     Member (Ex-Officio)
4. Head, Department of Mathematics    Member (Ex-Officio)
5. Head, Department of Electronics    Member (Ex-Officio)
6. Head, Department of Computer Science & Technology    Member (Ex-Officio)
7. Head, Department of Earth Science    Member (Ex-Officio)
8. Prof. J.A.E. Desa    Member (Ex-Officio) (Superannuated)
9 .Prof. V. P. Kamat    Member (Ex-Officio)  (Superannuated)
10. Prof. K. Mahender    Member (Ex-Officio)
11. Prof. Santosh Tilve    Member (Ex-Officio)
12. Prof. R. V. Pai    Member (Ex-Officio)
13. Prof. V.S. Nadkarni    Member (Ex-Officio)
14. Prof. K.R.S. Priolkar    Member (Ex-Officio)
15. Dr. Anthony A.A.A. Viegas    Member
16. Dr. V.M.S. Vernekar    Member
17. Dr. Jyoti Pawar    Member
18. Dr. M. Kunhanandan    Member
19. Dr. Jivan S. Parab    Member

Faculty of Social Sciences

(Term until: 09 Jan 2020)
1. Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences     Chairperson (Ex-Officio)
2. Head, Department of Economics    Member (Ex-Officio)
3. Head, Department of History    Member (Ex-Officio)
4. Head, Department of Philosophy    Member (Ex-Officio)
5. Head, Department of Sociology    Member (Ex-Officio)
6. Head, Department of Political Science    Member (Ex-Officio)
7. Director, CLAS    Member (Ex-Officio)
8. Head, Department of Women Studies    Member (Ex-Officio)
9. Head, Department of Library Science    Member (Ex-Officio)
10. Prof. Koshy Tharakan    Member (Ex-Officio)
11. Prof. (Smt.) Silvia Maria De Mendonca Noronha    Member (Ex-Officio)
12. Prof. U. A. Vinay Kumar    Member (Ex-Officio) (Superannuated)
13. Prof. Pranab Mukhopadhyay    Member (Ex-Officio)
14. Dr. (Ms.) Alakananda P. Shringare    Member
15. Shri Dattesh Parulekar    Member
16. Shri Parag D. Porobo    Member
17. Dr.(Ms.) Seema Risbud    Member
18. Dr. (Smt. ) Joanna Pereira Coelho    Member

Faculty of Language & Literature

(Term until: 09 Jan 2020)
1. Dean, Faculty of Languages & Literature    Chairperson (Ex-Officio)
2. Head, Department of English    Member (Ex-Officio)
3. Head, Department of Hindi    Member (Ex-Officio)
4. Head, Department of Marathi    Member (Ex-Officio)
5. Head, Department of Konkani    Member (Ex-Officio)
6. Head, Department of Portuguese    Member (Ex-Officio)
7. Head, Department of French    Member (Ex-Officio )
8. Prof. K.S. Bhat    Member (Ex-Officio)
9. Prof. R.N. Mishra    Member (Ex-Officio)
10. Prof. (Smt.) Vrushali S. Mandrekar    Member (Ex-Officio)
11. Dr. Andre Rafael Fernandes    Member
12. Dr. (Smt) Anjali Chaubey    Member
13. Dr. (Smt.) Sunita S. Umraskar    Member
14. Dr. (Smt.) Irene Conceicao Silveira    Member
15. Mr. Dhruv Sudin Usgaonkar    Member

Faculty of Life Sciences & Environment

(Term until: 09 Jan 2020)
1. Dean, Faculty of Life Science & Environment  Chairperson (Ex-Officio)  
2. Head, Department of Botany    Member (Ex-Officio)  
3. Head, Department of Zoology   Member (Ex-Officio)  
4. Head, Department of Microbiology      Member (Ex-Officio)  
5. Head, Department of Marine Sciences    Member (Ex-Officio)  
6. Head, Department of Biotechnology     Member (Ex-Officio)  
7. Prof. G.N. Nayak     Member (Ex-Officio)  
8, Prof. P.K. Sharma    Member (Ex-Officio)  
9. Prof. (Smt.) Muraleedharan U.D.       Member (Ex-Officio)  
10. Prof. H.B. Menon    Member (Ex-Officio)  
11. Prof. S.K. Dubey    Member (Ex-Officio)  
12. Prof. R. Roy Member (Ex-Officio)  
13. Prof. I.K. Pai      Member (Ex-Officio)  
14. Prof.. Vishnu Murthy Matta   Member (Ex-Officio)  
15. Prof. Sellappan Krishnan     Member (Ex-Officio)  
16. Prof. Sanjeev C. Ghadi       Member (Ex-Officio)  
17. Prof. (Smt.) Vijaya Kerkar   Member (Ex-Officio)  
18. Dr. Nandakumar Kamat Member
19. Dr. (Smt.) Urmila Barros     Member
20. Dr. Shankarshana Upadhyay    Member
21. Dr. Sandeep Garg     Member
22. Dr. (Ms.) Lakshangi Suresh Charya    Member