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Department of Political Science

Year of Establishment : 1973 (CPIR)

Office Phone : +91-8669609152

Email : [email protected]


The Department has attempted to locate the politics of the state, nation and the region by engaging with both questions of theory and evidences from the field by looking at specific issues and concerns. Watch video to learn more.



Thrust areas:

Democracy, Governance, International Relations and South Asia. 
"On Goa, the Department has been part of some pioneering efforts at grassroots democracy through assessing and training Panchayati Raj Institutions, apart from associating with Election Commission of India on gauging and shaping voter's participation in the elections in the state. At the national level, Department faculty (past and present) have engaged with questions of Democracy and Governance with a more recent focus on new modes of political communication. At the regional and global level, the Department has been associated with scholarship on South Asian Regionalism and International Political Economy."

Academic programmes leading to a Degree / Diploma / Certificate :

Programme Programme Director Intake
M.A. Political ScienceTime Table | Syllabus -38
M.Phil. Political Science--
Ph.D. Political Science--


Name Designation Areas of Interest
Prakash DesaiAssistant ProfessorPolitical Theory, Modern Indian Political Thought, Democracy and Civil Society, West Asia with reference to Contemporary Political Discourses
Ravaji Vasant GaunkarAssistant ProfessorGoan Society and Politics, Political Sociology of India
Shraddha Shrikant NaikAssistant ProfessorInternational Relations, India's Foreign Policy, Interregionalism and BRICS
Prachi Satyawan NaikAssistant ProfessorPolitical Theory, Language Politics, Cultural Politics, Electoral Politics
Alaknanda P. ShringareAssistant ProfessorDemocratic Governance, Public Administration, Rural Development
Rahul TripathiProfessorInternational Political Economy/ South Asia