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Department of Microbiology

Year of Establishment : 1974 (CPIR)

Office Phone : +91-8669609256

Email :


The department carries out research in the thrust areas like Marine Microbiology, Microbial ecology, Environmental microbiology, Molecular biology, Extremophiles

Major Facilities

High pressure liquid chromatography; Lyophilisation unit; Remi-Centrifuge; Ultra centrifug; Electrophoretic units; Microscopy; UV-VIS spectrophotometer; Thermal Cycler; Gas chromatograph; Fraction collector; UV transilluminator; Millipore ultrafiltration unit; Incubator cum-shakers; Spectrofluorimeter Cold room.Oxygen analyzer, Gel documentation, Flourescent Mircroscope, Concentrator.




Academic programmes leading to a Degree / Diploma / Certificate :

Programme Programme Director Intake
M.Sc. BiochemistryTime Table | Syllabus | Revised Syllabus -20
M.Sc. MicrobiologyTime Table | Syllabus | Revised Syllabus -20
M.Sc. Marine MicrobiologyTime Table | Syllabus | Revised Syllabus -20
Ph.D. Microbiology--


Name Designation Areas of Interest
Trupti AsolkarAssistant Professor (Contract)Molecular Biology, Biocontrol Agents, Plant-Microbe interactions
Delicia Avilla BarrettoAssistant Professor (Contract)Medical Microbiology, Bioprospecting, Food Microbiology
Lakshangy CharyaAssistant ProfessorGeneral and Environmental Microbiology, Bioremediation, Ectomycorrhizal fungi
Priya Mallika D'CostaAssistant Professor (Tenure)Marine Microbiology, Interactions Between Bacteria and Phytoplankton, Diatom Diversity, Biofilms
Varada Samir DamareAssistant Professor (Contract)Marine Microbiology, Microbial Ecology, Marine Protists, Microbial Bioprospecting, Bioremediation, Trophic Interactions
Pooja Dua-ChaudhariUGC-Assistant Professor Cancer Research, biomarker identification. Aptamer based theranostics for disease treatment and diagnostics
Sandeep GargProfessorIndustrial & Medical Microbiology, Microbial Technology, marine Technology, Fungal Fermentation, biofertilizers, Agriculture microbiology, Immunology
Snigdha MayenkarAssistant Professor (Contract)Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Fermentation technology, Environmental Microbiology, Bioactive compounds
Milind Mohan NaikAssistant Professor (Tenure)Environmental Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Agricultural Microbiology, Marine Microbiology
Bhakti Balkrishna SalgaonkarAssistant Professor (Contract)Halophilic Archaea, Extremophilic Microorganisms and their Bioprospecting