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Directorate of Internships, Incubation and Industry Partnership (DI3P)

Sandeep Garg
Sandeep Garg

Director, DI3P

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The bio incubator at Goa University with a built-up area of nearly 3000 sq. m. is being established with the support of the Government of Goa through the Directorate of Higher Education (DHE). It aims to provide

  1. analytical and laboratory facilities to potential innovators and startups in Goa in healthcare, diagnostics, agriculture and pharmaceuticals, and allied areas,
  2. Office space and supporting office facilities to these startups, and
  3. Guidance and mentoring for them to grow up as entrepreneurs.

Through its Industry-University Partnership, it is envisaged to develop interactions with industry within and outside Goa to promote the participation of industry experts in teaching and research programs, industrial research, and consultancy work.

Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC):

The IIC of Goa University was established in the year 2018 under the Ministry of Education (MoE) innovation cell to foster the culture of innovation and startup ecosystem in Goa.

The prime objective is to engage faculty and students in various innovation and entrepreneurship-related activities to establish the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

IIC Council (2021-22)


  • Prof. Sandeep Garg, Director, DI3P - President
  • Faculty members

  • Prof. S. Krishnan - School of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology - Vice President, NIRF Coordinator
  • Prof. Sunder Dhuri - Director, DIQA - Convenor - Innovation Activity Coordinator
  • Dr. Pournima Dhume - Goa Business School - IPR Activity Coordinator
  • Dr. Nitin Sawant - School of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology - Internship activity coordinator
  • Dr. Elaine T. Dias - School of Physical and Applied Sciences - ARIIA Coordinator
  • Shri Jarret S.A. Fernandes - Goa Business School - Startup Activity Coordinator
  • Mr. S. Baskar - Goa Business School - Member (NISP Coordinator)
  • Dr. Sheryl Oliveira Fernandes - School of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences - Member
  • Dr. Bhakti Salgaonkar - School of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology - Social Media, Member
  • Dr. K.B. Subhash - Goa Business School - Member
  • Dr. Anuradha Wagle - Shenoi Goembab School of Languages and Literature - Member
  • Dr. Avirup Sen - School of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences - Member
  • Dr. Arjun Adhikari - School of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences - Member
  • External members

  • Shri Manguirish Pai Raikar - SR Consultancy Services - Expert from nearby industry
  • Adv. Shalini Menezes - Sim Sim Advisory Pvt. Ltd. - Patent expert
  • Shri D.S. Prashant - Technology Business Incubator - Incubator
  • Dr. Milind Bhirud - NABARD - Bank Investor
  • Shri. Pravin Sabnis - Unlearning Unlimited - Entrepreneur
  • Dr. Vanita Prasad - REVY Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - Expert from nearby industry
  • Dr. Kishore N. Gujar - Sinhgad College of Pharmacy - Incubation Center - (Mentor Institute)
  • Dr. Mridula Goel - BITS-Pilani Goa Campus - Incubator Center
  • Student members

  • Veda Manerikar, School of Biological Sciences Biotechnology - Startup coordinator
  • Komal Salkar, School of Biological Sciences Biotechnology - Social Media Coordinator
  • Manasi Kamat, School of Biological Sciences Biotechnology - IPR coordinator
  • Gayatri Kotkar, School of Chemical Sciences - Innovation coordinator
  • Samiksha Malik, School of Physical and Applied Sciences - Internship coordinator
  • Luann R D’Souza, School of Chemical Sciences - IPR Coordinator
  • Linus Coehlo, School of Biological Sciences Biotechnology - IPR Coordinator
  • Jayesh Dattatray Saple, Goa Business School - Innovation coordinator
  • Sayed Azhaar Nazir, Goa Business School - Social Media Coordinator
  • Sanket Govind Narvekar, Goa Business School - Startup coordinator
  • Prabha K Tiwari, School of Biological Sciences Biotechnology - Social Media Coordinator
  • Sharvani N Korgaonker, School of Biological Sciences Biotechnology - Internship coordinator
  • Arti P Dabolkar, School of Biological Sciences Biotechnology - Innovation coordinator
  • Shital Desai, School of Biological Sciences Biotechnology - Social Media Coordinator
  • Kanika Kushwaha, School of Biological Sciences Biotechnology - Internship coordinator
  • Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements (ARIIA):

    Photo Dr. Elaine Dias
    Elaine T. Dias

    Assistant Professor of Physics

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    The term ‘Innovation’ is defined as converting ideas into new or improved products, processes, and services. Undoubtedly, innovation is about taking inventions to the marketplace by translating scientific knowledge into products, services, economic growth, and social development offerings. To unleash the creative potential of every Indian, the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India declared 2010-20 as the ‘Decade of Innovation.’ India has already been improving globally in innovation, ranging from 86th place in 2014 to 48th in 2020.

    ARIIA is an initiative of the Ministry of Education (MoE), Govt. of India to systematically rank all major higher educational institutions (HEIs) and universities in India based their efforts to have a dynamic and robust innovation and startup ecosystem on the campus. This effort will undoubtedly inspire Indian institutions to reorient their mindset and build ecosystems by encouraging high-quality research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Moreover, ARIIA will set the tone and direction for future development institutions to make them globally competitive and at the forefront of innovation.

    Major parameters and indicators for consideration include

  • Developing an Innovative and Entrepreneurial Mindset through Series of Activities,
  • Teaching and Learning Courses on Innovation, Entrepreneurship & IPR,
  • Dedicated Infrastructure & Facilities to Promote Innovation & Entrepreneurship at HEI,
  • Successful Innovation and Startups Generated from HEI with Institute’s Support,
  • Intellectual Property (IP), Generation and Commercialization, and
  • Annual Budget (Expense and Revenue) on Promoting and Supporting I&E Activities
  • National Innovation and Startup Policy (NISP):

    Photo S. Baskar
    S. Baskar

    Associate Professor of Computer Science & Technology

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    Stepping out of the world of academia and into the business world can be a tricky transition. So how do you translate your education and background so that potential employers will see your value?

    The NISP is being implemented by MoE’s Innovation Cell and in coordination with AICTE, UGC, State/UT Governments, and Universities. The NISP for students and faculty in HEIs was launched by Hon’ble Minister of Education, Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ in 2019. This policy intends to guide HEIs to promote students’ driven innovations and startups and engage the students and faculty in innovation and startup activities on campus. The policy aims at enabling HEIs to build, streamline and strengthen the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem on campus. It will be instrumental in leveraging the potential of student’s creative problem solving and entrepreneurial mindset and promoting strong intra- and inter-institutional partnerships with ecosystem enablers and different stakeholders at regional, national, and international levels.

    Currently, Goa University is preparing innovation and startup policy to create employment opportunities for Goa by providing startup avenues for students of Goa University in terms of incubation centers at Goa University.

    Coordination Committee

    The committee is to help Goa University to prepare the NISP policy document and coordinate the activities of the National Innovation Startup Policy (NISP).

  • Shri. Deepak P. Chodankar, Director (Technology) - Wisdom Lab, Verna, Goa
  • Shri. Milind Anvenkar, Vice-President, Open Destinations Infotech
  • Shri. Kishore M. Shah, Private Consultant for Business and regular columnist for Business Goa
  • Shri. Carlton D'Souza, Founding Partner Octalogic Tech., Panaji, Goa
  • Dr. Pournima S. Shenvi Dhume, Assistant Professor of Financial Services, Goa Business School, Goa University
  • Ms. Heena Gaude, Assistant Professor of Economics, Goa Business School, Goa University
  • Ms. Teja Tushar Khandolkar, Assistant Professor of Management Studies, Goa Business School, Goa University
  • Dr. Aparna Prasad Lolayekar, Associate Professor of Women Studies, Manohar Parrikar School of Law, Governance & Public Policy, Goa University
  • Dr. Sohini Ganguly, SERB Research Scientist of Earth Science, School of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, Goa University
  • Dr. Jivan Parab, Associate Professor of Electronics, School of Physical and Applied Sciences, Goa University
  • Dr. Meganath Prabhu, Assistant Professor of Biotechnology, School of Biological Sciences & Biotechnology, Goa University
  • Dr. Pranay P. Morajkar, Assistant Professor, School of Chemical Sciences, Goa University
  • Dr. Nitin Sawant, Assistant Professor of Zoology. School of Biological Sciences & Biotechnology, Goa University
  • Dr. Aftab A.S. Can, Assistant Professor of Marine Sciences, School of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, Goa University
  • Prof. Sandeep Garg, Director, DI3P, Goa University
  • Shri. S. Baskar, Coordinator, NISP, Goa University
  • International Hackathon:

    Photo Mr. Jarret Fernandes
    Jarret S. A. Fernandes

    Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Technology

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    Students of Goa University are encouraged to participate in Hackathons on Global Platforms. These platforms are well known globally and give a competitive edge to the students who participate there.

    Some of these platforms include (but are not limited to): AngelHack, DEVPOST, and HackerEarth.

    Students also participate in the annual Google’s Summer of Code (SOC), a global community-focused program that accepts project proposals and then works on a 10-week project. At the end of the term, the projects are evaluated as pass/fail. The projects are mainly open-source, and the aim here is to connect students to the global IT industry.

    Students also participate in Internshala internship programs. Here, recruiters from India and global (small organizations) participate in finding students that best suit their mutual interests. To date, some of our students have received an internship from US and Indian clients.

    Other information:

  • Appreciation Certificate for participation and conduct of training program under NIPAM by IPO, Mumbai
  • Online workshop on 'Entrepreneurship skill, Attitude and Behaviour Development' on 24 Feb 2022
  • Talk on 'Process of Innovation Development & Technology Readiness Level (TRL) & Commercialization of Lab Technologies and Tech-Transfer' on 18 Feb 2022
  • Session on 'National Education Policy: Apprenticeship/ Internship Embedded Degree Programme' on 7 Jan 2021.
  • Session on 'Instrumentiation for Bio-incubators and start up' on 23 Dec 2020.
  • Session on 'Innovation and Art of Pitching' on 21 Dec 2020.
  • Orientation Session on 'National Innovation and Start-up Policy (NISP)' on 14 Dec 2020.
  • Workshop on 'Design Thinking, Critical Thinking and Innovation Design', on 10 Dec 2020.
  • Orientation Session on 'National Education Policy' on 7 Dec 2020.
  • Workshop on 'Entrepreneurship and Innovation as Career Opportunity' on 27 Nov 2020.
  • Workshop on 'Eureka - Ideation and Problem Solving' on 24 Nov 2020.