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Varun Sahni
Faculty of Education

Vice-Chancellor, Goa University

J.A. Laxminarayana
Faculty of Engineering

Professor of Computer Engineering, Goa College of Engineering

Nina Caldeira
Faculty of Languages & Literature

Professor of English

Saba Da Silva
Faculty of Law

Principal, Govind Ramnath Kare College of Law

Prabhat Kumar Sharma
Faculty of Life Sciences & Environment

Professor of Botany

R.G. Wiseman Pinto
Faculty of Medicine

Professor of Pathology, Goa Medical College

Kaustubh R.S. Priolkar
Faculty of Natural Sciences

Professor of Physics

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M.V. Vengurlekar
Faculty of Performing, Fine Art & Music

Principal, Goa College of Art

Ashish K. Rege
Faculty of Planning, Architecture & Design

Professor and Principal, Goa College of Architecture, Altinho, Panaji

Silvia Maria De Mendonca Noronha
Faculty of Social Sciences

Professor of Economics

M.S. Dayanand
Goa Business School

Professor of Computer Science and Technology

V.S. Nadkarni
School of Chemical Sciences

Professor of Chemistry

Harilal B. Menon
School of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences

Professor of Marine Sciences

Vijaya U. Kerkar
School of Sanskrit & Indic Knowledge Systems

Professor of Botany