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Department of French & Francophone Studies

Year of Establishment : 1965 (CPIR)

Office Phone : +91-8669609114

Email : [email protected]


The Department's programmes are professionally-oriented and open up opportunities for research teaching, translation and careers in the corporate sector. 


Academic programmes leading to a Degree / Diploma / Certificate :

Programme Programme Director Intake
Certificate of Proficiency in French-1 (Level A1)Syllabus -25
Certificate of Proficiency in French A2 (Level A2)Syllabus -25
Diploma of Proficiency in French (Level B1)Syllabus -20
Advanced Diploma in French Language (Level B2)Syllabus -20
Advanced Diploma in TranslationSyllabus -10
B.A. French (Hons.)Time Table | Syllabus -15
M.A. FrenchTime Table | Syllabus -19
Ph.D. French--


Name Designation Areas of Interest
Kshama Dattaram DharwadkarAssistant ProfessorTranslation, Linguistics, Phonetics, Mythology
Shourya DalviAssistant Professor (Contract)Teaching methodology, Culture Studies, Literature
Natasha Maria GomesAssistant ProfessorFrench Language Teaching Methodology, Use of ICT, Curriculum Development; Culture Studies, Theatre, Linguistics
Anthony GomesAssistant Professor (Contract)French phonetics, Francophone studies, French culture, Linguistics, French Literature
Sheela PandeyAssistant Professor (Contract)Cultural Studies, Mythologies, Dalit and Post-Colonial Literature, Language Learning Methodology
Irene SilveiraAssistant ProfessorFrench and Francophone Literature, Culture Studies, Diaspora Studies, Sociolinguistics, Didactics of French as Foreign language
Anuradha WagleProfessorTranslation, Linguistics, Teaching Methodology