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Materials Characterization at Low Temperature


Physics of materials involve understanding the ground state of the materials. Therefore, one has to measure properties of the materials at low temperatures (~ 10K). To facilitate measurement of electronic transport, thermal and elastic properties of materials, this laboratory was established in 1999 with funding from individual projects sponsored by DST-SERB and CSIR.

Research areas:

Presently the work is focused on studying

  • martensitic and other first-order transitions in manganese-containing alloys and compounds,
  • negative thermal expansion materials
  • thermoelectric half Heuslers
  • topological insulators, etc.

  • Resources and facilities:

  • Closed cycle refrigerator (10 K – 500 K) with nano voltmeter, constant current source, micro voltmeter with scanner card and strain bridge for measurement of transport properties like resistivity, thermopower, and thermal expansion.
  • Pulse tube refrigerator (4 K – 300 K) with lock-in amplifier for ac susceptibility
  • Differential scanning calorimeter (100 K – 850 K) for thermal properties,
  • Dynamical Mechanical Analyzer (100K – 800K) for study of viscoelastic properties of materials

  • Achievements:

    Since inception the laboratory has contributed towards seven PhD thesis and several Master’s level dissertations. It has also produced ~70 publications in SCOPUS indexed journals including one of the first measurements on thermoelectric power of Ni2MnGa type shape memory alloys [see Phys. Rev. B. 70, 132408 (2004)]

    Contact persons: Prof. Kaustubh Priolkar

    Lab Equipments