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Materials Characterization at High Temperature


Experimental Condensed Matter Physics is one of the major thrust area of research of the Department of Physics. Faculties of the Department have been working in a wide range of material systems which shows important functional properties at high temperatures. In order to characterize those materials a high temperature laboratory has been developed using grants from University funding and UGC-SAP grants.

Research areas:

Presently the work is focused on studying

  • Intermetallic alloys
  • Electrolyte materials for lithium-, sodium-ion batteries, and solid oxide fuel cells.
  • Alumino-silicate and Borate glass materials

  • Resources and facilities:

  • Precision component Analyser (Wayne Kerr-6440B) by which capacitance, resistance, impedance, dielectric constant, dielectric loss etc. measurements are done in the temperature range of 30–500 °C and frequency range of 1 Hz-3 MHz.
  • High temperature (30–500 °C) dc resistivity measurement setup
  • High temperature (30–500 °C) thermo-power measurement setup
  • Thermal analysis Instruments for simultaneous thermogravimetry (TG)/differential thermal analysis (DTA) (Shimadzu) in the temperature range of 30–1100 °C.

  • Achievements:

    Since inception the laboratory has contributed towards several PhD thesis and Master’s level dissertations. It has also produced ~70 publications in SCOPUS indexed journals. All the equipment are well-maintained and being fully utilized.

    Contact persons: Dr. Bholanath Pahari

    Lab Equipments