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X-ray Diffractometer


Powder X-ray diffraction (PXRD) is a non-destructive analytical method to study a wide range of crystalline materials. It is used for phase identification, quantification, crystallite size and crystal structure determination of materials.

Instrument Specifications:

PXRD Instrument
  • X-ray source: Sealed tube Copper Kα wavelength
  • Incidence optics: Cross beam optics (CBO)
  • Receiving Optics: Graphite Monochromator or Kβ filter
  • Detector: d/Tex Ultra 250 (1D) with the XRF reduction
  • Database support: ICDD-PDF-2

  • User Instructions:

    Samples should be submitted as fine powder to completely fill the rectangular cavity of the sample holder of dimension 2 x 1.5 x 0.2 cm3 (minimum 200mg in weight). The diameter should be 2.0 cm for pallet samples. Measured data will be sent by email. It is the responsibility of the user to collect samples after the measurement.


    Student/ Faculty Standard scan of 15 minutes per sample User defined scans per hour or part thereof Standard scan of 15 minutes per sample with phase identifications
    Goa university Campus/ Goa University affiliated Colleges2007001000
    Other educational institutes50017502500
    Users from local and other industries2000700010000

    *Rates are exclusive of 18% GST.

    Procedure for Sample Submission

    The instrument booking will be done via the Google form. The payment of charges should be made in advance via SBI collect. A print copy of the PXRD Requisition Form with sign of the Head/Supervisor/Guide should be produced at the time of measurements.

    Google form to submit samples

    Payment Procedure:

    Online Payment through SBI Collect Only: (No other payment mode accepted)

    Procedure: 1) Visit 2) Select SB Collect 3) Accept Term Used 4) Select Goa in State of Corporate / Institution 5) Select Educational Institute in Type of Corporate / Institution 6) Select Goa University in Educational Institutions Name 7) Select ULMC Charges in Select Payment Category 8) Attach online Receipt received from SBI in the Google form to reserve the slot 9) Bring a signed the PXRD Requisition Form during the measurement.