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Computer Centre

M. Chakraborty
Head Of Computer Centre

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General Information

The University Computer Centre was set up way back in 1987 with the assistance of UGC to establish a Central Computing facilities in the campus. Since then, it has been providing all kinds of IT services to the Administration, faculty as well as the students of the University. It has also provided software solutions to various University activities including Administration, Finance and Examinations. Recently, it has acquired a third party ERP solution for University Management System (UMS) which is now in its implementation stage. Computer network, Internet services and the Data Centre are also the major IT infrastructure which are being provided and maintained by Computer Centre.

University IT infrastructure at a glance:

Network: (i) 1Gbps Fibre optic backbone
(ii) 100 Mbpsleased (NKN) line
Servers at Computer centre  
Computer labs spread over university 24
Computer hardware spread over university (besides about 1000 student laptops) > 2500
Computer Centre manpower:

Website maintenance:

The Computer centre is also responsible for the maintenance of the University website. The main website is maintained on a cloud server whereas the same is linked to the databases maintained on the local server. The traffic increases multifold during the admissions and results of the university programmes. It is ensured that the visitors do reach to desired destinations without difficulty.

University Management System (UMS):

Sanjay Bandodkar
System Analyst
Anselmo A.T.H. Rosa
System Analyst
Damodar M. Manjreker