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Short-term Courses in UGC-HRDC

STC in Research Methodology (2 to 8 Jan 2018)

Date (yyyy-mm-dd) Title of the lecture/Presentation Speaker/Faculty
2018-01-02 Mendely Software GopaKumar, V.
2018-01-03 Mendely Software GopaKumar, V.
2018-01-03 Managing Information in Research Environment: Dealing with Published Literature Tapaswi, Murari P.
2018-01-04 Scholarly Communication Tapaswi, Murari P.
2018-01-04 Writing a Research Paper Janarthanam, M.K.
2018-01-05 Coastal Agriculture: Research by ICAR-CCARI Chakurkar, E.B.
2018-01-05 Methodological Issues in Social Science Research Tripathi, Rahul
2018-01-05 Technique of Data Collection Govekar, Ketan
2018-01-06 Research at CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography Singh, SunilKumar
2018-01-06 Shifting Dynamics in Research Methodology Bhat, K.S.
2018-01-06 Sampling Techniques in Research Kulkarni, M.S.
2018-01-08 Elements of Writing: Writing by a Scholar for Scholars Somayyaji, Ganesha