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New Library Science Books

Author Title Call No. Barcode
Sukula, Shiva Demystifying databases: a hands-on guide for database management 005.74 SUK/Dem 158083
Raju, A.A.N. Legal deposit and bibliographical control in India 025.260954 RAJ/Leg 158084
Cohen, Steven M. Keeping Current  :Advanced internet strategies to meet librarian and patron needs 025.525 COH/Kee 158085
Chu, Heting Information representation and retrieval in the digital age 025 CHU/Inf 158086
Sarkar, N.N Scientific repair and rehabilitation of books 025.7 SAR/Sci 158087
Lal, C. Library and information science UGC (NET) examination guide – paper III 020.76 LAL-KUM 158088
Tiwari, Purushotham Library automation 025.30285 TIW/Lib 158089
Naik, N.Rupsing Insights into library automation and digitisation 025.30285 NAI/Ins 158090
Mathews, Brian Marketing today’s academic library 021.7 MAT/Mar 158091
Coffman,Steve Going Live :Starting & running a virtual refrence service. 025.524 COF/Goi 158092
Fransson, Jonas Efficient information searching on the web: a handbook in the art of searching for information 025.524 FRA/Eff 158093
Jeevan, V K J E-resources and digital services 025.524 JEE/Ere 158094
Intranets for Info Pros 021.65 KEN-DYS 158095
Dodiya, Narendra Library and information science gateway for UGC-NET ( A source book for paper-II and paper-III) – Vol 1 020.76 DOD/Lib 158096
Westman, Stephen R. Creating database-backed library Web pages 006.76 WES/Cre 158097
Getting started with cloud computing: A LITA guide 004.6782 COR-MOU 158098
Watters, Carolyn Improving access to information on the world wide web 025.04 WAT/Imp 158099
Hillmann, Diane I. Metadata in practice 025.3 HIL-WES 158100
Burgett, James Collaborative collection development: a practical guide for your library 025.21 BUR/Col 158101
Knowledge organization from libraries to the web 025.04 RAG-NEE 158102
Boucher, Virginia Interlibrary loan practices handbook – 2nd ed. 025.62 BOU/Int 158103
Fisher, Patricia H. Blueprint for your library marketing plan 021.7 FIS-PRI 158104
Dodiya, Narendra Library and information science gateway for UGC-NET (A source book for paper II and paper III) – Vol 2 020.76 DOD/Lib 158105
Kumar, P.S.G. Foundations of library and information science (Paper I of UGC model curriculum) 020 KUM/Fou 158106
Ingwersen, Peter Scientometric indicators and webometrics and the polyrepresentation principle in information retrieval 025.04 ING/Sci 158107
Reference sources for small and medium sized libraries – 7th ed. 011.02 OGO/Ref 158108
Johnson, Peggy Fundamentals of collection development and management – 2nd ed. 025.21 JOH/Fun 158109
Balloffet, Nelly Preservation and conservation for libraries and archives 025.84 BAL-HIL 158110
Elliott, Donald S. Measuring your library’s value: how to do a cost-benefit analysis for your public library 025.1 ELL/Mea 158111