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especially Microbiology, Marine Science, Environmental Science, Computer Science, Geology, Management and other disciplines including a special collection on Latin America and The Caribbean. The Library also has a large collection of titles in Konkani, the state language of Goa and a foreign language section which includes titles in Portuguese, French and Spanish. Our Library acquires around 3000 books on an average and over 350 periodicals every year. It also receives more than 150 periodicals gifted by various organisations and institutions. Goa University Library is a designated Repository Library of United Nations’ publications since 1996.

In addition to these, our Library has a collection of rare books on Indo-Portuguese History and Culture donated by the late Dr. P. S. S. Pissurlekar (about 5000 books in various languages). Mr. Nuno Gonsalves of Portugal and numerous others have donated their collections to the University for the use of scholars of Goa and the neighbouring regions. A bibliography of these resources is currently available in print form. The Goa University Library is the single largest centre of academic resources in the State of Goa and caters not only to the needs of the academic community of the state but also serves many scientific, historical and social science researchers from neighbouring States.