Board of Extra Mural Studies and Extension Services


A Three Months Certificate Course in

“ What’s  this thing called ‘Science’”


Dr Milan Desai

Associate Professor, Dept. of Philosophy,                                                        Goa University

(As part of ongoing 4- credit elective course “PYO109: Philosophy of Science” in Dept of Philosophy)

Open for Students & General Public*

From : 21st of July 2017 to 6th October, 2017 on every Friday from 2.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.

Venue: Seminar Hall, Social Science - Faculty Block B, Goa University. (Inaugural session on 21st July will be held Council hall, Administrative building, Goa University)


Dr Anthony Viegas

Director, Board of Extra-Mural Studies & Extension Services, Goa University

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“ What’s  this thing called ‘Science’”


Dr Milan Desai

Associate Professor, Dept. of Philosophy,                                                        Goa University

Concept Note

This course is designed to introduce the educated public at large and specialists in particular, to the unique characteristics of the scientific enterprise. This intellectual exercise which is the achievement of the contemporary discipline termed the philosophy of science will revolutionize the whole perspective from which we view the sciences; paving way for the concept of alternative or pluralism of sciences vying with each other, as well as mutually reinforcing each other, in order to better achieve the goal of human problem – solving, which is the ultimate goal of all scientific knowledge. This is a highly liberating perspective which assimilates variety of metaphysical world – views with a corresponding variety of life – styles and value systems.

Participants: Students, Researchers and general public interested in the nature, logic and methodology of the sciences.

The   course is of general interest to the educated public at large as well as to specialist audiences. It is particularly valuable as a general research methodology to aspirants for  doctoral and post – doctoral degrees in all disciplines.



Course is open and free for Graduate/Post - graduate students.

For Doctoral students the fee is Rs. 1000/-.

For Professional / Employed persons the fee is Rs. 5000/-.

For Retired/ Unemployed persons the fee is Rs. 2000/-.


Payment should be made by cheque/DD in favour of “The Registrar, Goa University”

Registration is compulsory for all.

Post – graduate students who wish to earn credits may opt for the ongoing elective PYO:109: Philosophy of Science ( 4 credit course in the Philosophy Department). Exams will be conducted according to the regular schedule. Lectures will be merged wherever and whenever appropriate.

Participation certificate will be issued to all those who maintain minimum 75 % attendance for the course.

“ What’s  this thing called ‘Science’”

Course Schedule

Session 1: The Historico – Cultural Backdrop to Science and the Philosophy of Science. (21st July)

Session 2: the Philosophical Conceptualization and Perspective: From Aristotelian Science to the Modern Period.(28thJuly)

Session 3: The Evolution from Common – Sense Knowledge to Systematic Science.(4thAugust)

Session 4: Unified Explanation as the distinctive goal of the sciences with an illustrative comparison and contrast between the Newtonian/Copernican and the Aristotelian world – view.(11th August)

Session 5: Hempel’s Deductive -  Nomological model of explanation: Logical and Epistemic Features.(18thAugust)

Session 6: Logical Positivism: The Rejection of Metaphysics, Verificationism and the Problems thereof.(1st September)

Session 7: The Context of Discovery of Universal Laws; The Problem of Induction.(8th September)

Session 8: The Logic of Karl Popper’s/ Hypothetico Deductive/ Falsificationist Methodology.(15th  September)

Session 9: Neo – Justificationism: (Introduction to) The Puzzlements of Probability.(22nd September)

Session 10: Theory – Dependence and the Conundrums thereof. Kuhnian Paradigms.(29th September)

Session 11: Valedictory: Conferring of Certificates. (6thOctober)

Students of the regular Post Graduate Program PYO – 109; Philosophy of Science will be evaluated according to the usual Departmental schedule and rules.


Suggested Readings

1)   E. Nagel: ‘The Structure of Science’.

2)   Carl Hempel: ‘Philosophy of Natural Sciences’

3)   K. Popper: ‘The Logic of Scientific Discovery’.

4)   K.Popper: “Conjectures and Refutations.”

5)   Lakatos (Ed.): “Criticism and the Growth of knowledge”.

6)   Bruno de Funetti: ‘ Philosophical Lectures on Probabilty”.

7)   T.S. Kuhn: ‘ The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.’

8)   T.S. Kuhn: ‘The Road Since Structures.’


For further details email director.extramural@unigoa.ac.in