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Equal Opportunity

An Equal opportunity Cell is established vide order No. GU/Admn/EOC/549/2013/127 dated 03/05/2013 to promote equal opportunities for marginalized social groups, minorities, and physically challenged students at the University. Following are the members:

  • Dr. I. K. Pai - Convener, Department of Zoology
  • Dr. Shaila Desouza - Member, Centre for Women's Studies
  • Dr. R. Nirmala - Member, Department of Management Studies
  • Finance Officer - Member
  • Asst. Registrar (Admn. NT) - Member Secretary

The Objectives of the Equal Opportunity Cell shall be:

  • To promote equal opportunity through sensitization and awareness programs on policies and schemes for marginalized groups, human rights, gender issues, etc.
  • To provide supplementary academic support in the form of remedial coaching, coaching for NET/SET and such other national level eligibility tests.
  • To provide avenues of skill development and to enhance employability.
  • To examine cases of violation of equal opportunity, if any, and expedite redressal of
  • To provide orientation in public examinations and other tests which will help them receive financial support from State/Central Government.
  • To ensure utilization of resources allotted for development of marginalized groups by the UGC/State Government or other agencies from time to time.
  • To ensure implementation of reservation policy with regard to admission to various academic programs at the University, in association with SC/ST Cell.