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Staff & Activities

M. Shreedhara
M. Shreedhara

Joint Registrar (Administration)

The non-academic activities for the smooth functioning of the University are looked after by this section. Each of these are headed by Assistant Registrar as follows:

Human resources (teaching)

Kirti Murgaonkar
Assistant Registrar


  • Creation, recruitment and promotions (direct/CAS) of academic staff
  • Maintenance of roster as per the prevailing reservation policy
  • Maintenance of records and service matters of academic staff
  • Matters pertaining to vigilance and Prevention of Sexual Harassment at the workplace
  • Any other matter as assigned by Registrar/JR(GA) from time to time

Human resources (non-teaching)

Sandhya S.S. Neurekar
Assistant Registrar


  • Creation, recruitment and promotions of non-teaching staff
  • Maintenance of roster for non-teaching posts as per the prevailing reservation policy
  • Maintenance of records and service matters of non-teaching staff
  • Other activities
    • Election & Reconstitution of University Bodies Assistance in Executive Council / Court / Planning Board meetings
    • Any other work as assigned by Registrar/DR(GA) from time to time

Purchase and Stores

Leo V. Macedo
Assistant Registrar


  • Acquisition of movable assets and consumables (other than library books and periodicals) from Indian markets and abroad
  • Maintenance and periodic verification of physical assets
  • Maintenance of contracts relating to security services and commercial establishments (canteens & kiosks, shopping center, bank, etc.) on the University campus
  • Repairs, maintenance, condemnation & disposal of movable assets
  • Telephone services including telephone directory maintenance
  • Operation & maintenance of university vehicles
  • Printing orders
  • Other activities
    • Receipt and distribution of posts and other correspondence
    • University Hostels matters

Legal Cell

Bertha T.A. D' Mello e Daniel
Assistant Registrar


  • Coordination of the matters before various levels of the judiciary of India
  • Liaison with the Counsels appointed by the Goa University
  • Referring matters for legal opinion
  • Matters relating to University Act, Statutes, Ordinances, Rules and Regulations and maintenance of relevant registers and records in print and on website
  • Coordination with the Standing Committee for drafting and vetting of Statutes, Ordinances, Amendments and Regulations of the University
  • Maintenance of records pertaining to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) signed by the University
  • Answering questions pertaining to Goa University in Parliament (Loksabha and Rajyasabha) and Legislative Assembly of Govt. of Goa
  • Coordination and disposal of queries, first appeals received under the Right to Information (RTI) Act, 2005
  • Maintenance of records and filing of quarterly returns of queries and appeals under RTI Act
  • Any other matter related to legal aspects