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International Students

Rahul Tripathi
Rahul Tripathi

What makes Goa University as an attractive destination for your studies?:

  • Obtain a degree from a standard University recognized by UGC
  • One of the 'A' grade institutions accredited by National Assessment Accreditation Council (2014-2019)
  • One of the highly ranked Universities by different national ranking agencies
  • A University that cares foreign students
  • Offers a variety of academic programmes (visit Academics >> Programmes) starting from undergraduate to doctoral in affiliated undergraduate colleges and in the university departments, etc.
  • At least 1% of the total seats for a programme are reserved for foreign students
  • Healthy environment: Goa - One of the safe destinations in India for foreigners; a mixed culture of East and West; beautiful surroundings


  • Confirm eligibility
    • Visit Admin >> Academic services >> Eligibility certificate for the procedure
  • Choose the programme
    • Decide the programme that you are interested in and ensure you have adequate basic qualifications to undertake the same. Visit > Academics > Affiliated institutions for the programmes that are offered by various affiliated colleges of the University, and > Academics > Academic departments for the post-graduate and doctoral programmes that are offered at the University campus to make your decision on the programme that you wish to undertake.
  • First level of contact in India
    • Students desiring to take admission in Goa University and colleges affiliated to this University are required to apply through the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Department of Education, Govt. of India, New Delhi. A certain percentage of seats for foreign students are especially reserved (see the latest handbook). You may also contact the Foreign Students Advisor for any additional assistance.
  • Scholarships
  • Self-fiancing
    • The seats are also offered to those students who can look after themselves without external financial support. Write to the Foreign Student Advisor (email: [email protected]) with details about your background, interest in a specific academic programme.


  • Regular visa
    • Regular visa is given by the Indian Missions in your country only to those prospective students who have firm letters of admission from the University and it's Affiliated institutions as listed in the University
  • Handbook
    • A foreign student will be permitted to take admission at this University on the basis of a visa granted to study at this University only.


Fee type Freqency of payment US$
Eligibility Fees One time 50.00
Admission One time 500.00
M.A. and M.Com. Per annum 1000.00
M.Sc. and MCA Per annum 2000.00
MBA, MBA (Financial Services) and IMBA Per annum 3000.00
Ph.D. Per annum 1000.00