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As a premier Educational Institute, the Goa University places a special emphasis on the integration of information technology in its administrative and academic activities. Recognizing the importance of proper communication and computing resources, the University, over last few years, has created a very strong IT infrastructure in the campus to meet the challenges of information age.

All the administrative sections and academic departments on the campus are connected through the campus wide network reaching at every desktop, currently operating at bandwidth of 1000 Mbps. The entire network has been set up using standard fiber optic backbone technology for long haul links and cat 6 structured copper cabling within the building.

The unlimited twenty four hours internet connectivity is available through 1Gbps NKN  link  provided under the UGC-Infonet scheme and a redundant 16 Mbps fiber link through a private vendor . The University has a robust controlled wireless system . With its reach throughout  the campus including  all the Hostels and Guest Houses,  it provide 24 x 7 un-interrupted access to all. The entire University network and Internet services  are managed by the University Computer Centre.