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“The University provides hostel facilities on the University Campus for men and women students to accommodate 160 Male and 200 Female students in the respective hostels. Students studying in the post-graduate courses of the University will be accommodated in the hostel, subject to availability of seats, there is also limited hostel accommodation possible for research students."

Facilities in the Hostel

Canteen : Eating in the Hostel MESS is Compulsory and the entire Mess Fee along with Hostel fees as applicable for the full academic year are to be paid in advance, at the time of admission. The details of Mess charges and Hostel fees can be obtained from Hostel office.

Wireless: Internet : Internet is provided through wireless with a fibre Optic backbone of 1Gbps and 100 Mbps Internet lease Line provided By NKN

Hostel Fees:

a) Application form and processing Rs. 25=00

b) Accommodation fee for two terms Master Degree program (Indian citizen) Rs. 6,000=00 (Shared accommodation)

c) Accomodation fee for two terms Master Degree program (Foreign national) Rs. 12,000=00 (Single accommodation) 

d)) Ph. D. Program (shared accommodation): Rs. 12,000=00( for NON-JRF/SRF/Fellowship)

e) Ph. D. Program (shared accommodation): FULL HRA ( for JRF/SRF/Fellowship)

f) Caution Deposit (Hostel Deposit) Rs. 3,000=00 (Refundable)

f) Fine per day for late payment of fees Rs. 10=00

g) Fee per day for short duration stay Goa University students Rs. 75=00

 Rules and Regulations of Hostel: Click to download

 Hostel Application form: Click to download


Contact Details: Mens Hostel  08326519018
Ladies Hostel 08326519040,41,08326519388,389

    Warden, Men's Hostel                                         Chief Warden, Men's Hostel
  • Dr. Pranay P. Morajkar                                         Dr. M.S. Dayanand
    Assistant Professor                                              Associate Professor
    Dept. of Chemistry                                                Dept. of Management Studies
    email:                               email:
    Ph.No: 9209055844                                             Ph.No: 0832-6519040


    Warden, Women's Hostel                                   Chief Warden, Womens's Hostel
  • Prof. Aparajita Gangopadhay                               Prof. Savita Kerkar
    Dept. of Latin American Studies                           Dept. of Biotechnology
    email:                             email:
    Ph. No: 9422970995                                               Ph. No: 0832-6519358