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2D GC – TOF Mass Spectrometer

2D-Chromatography with a time of flight mass spectrometer (2D-GC-TOF-MS) is an advanced analytical technique for characterization of samples/compounds with high precision as compared to standard GC-MS systems. 2D GC-MS spectra give increased peak resolution for faster, more confident peak identification and library match.

The system comes with an autosampler to facilitate high-end separation of volatile organic compounds in highly complex mixtures and environmental samples. The two-dimensional output helps in resolving the peak of target analytes even when matrix interferences are present.

Make and Model: Leco, Pegasus 4D with Agilent GC

2D GC – TOF Mass Spectrometer

General Instructions and Guidelines

  • One sample refers to one injection in any of these modes. Multiple injections of the same sample will be treated as multiple samples.
  • All the samples will be analyzed on the standard primary column: RXI-5ms, secondary column: RXI-17.
  • Kindly, note that no injector or column change is not possible for this facility at this stage.
  • The experimental data provided is only for research/development purposes. These cannot be used as certificates in legal disputes.
  • A maximum of 3 samples will be analyzed against a single Registration Form.
  • The analytes expected in the samples should be clearly indicated and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) should be given both for the solvent and the analytes to indicate the toxicity.

  • Sample Preparation Guidelines:

  • The sample should be dissolved in a volatile organic solvent preferably hexane or isooctane (HPLC grade, in ppm level concentration.)
  • Sample volume: Standard injection= 3-5 mL, Method development = 15 mL.
  • Other solvents like methanol, ethanol, ethyl acetate etc. can also be used.
  • Solvents such as DMSO, THF and water are not acceptable.
  • The boiling point of the sample should be below 2800C.
  • The sample should be free of particulates of size > 0.45 µm
  • Biomedical samples are not accepted for analysis.

  • Procedure for Sample Submission

    The samples should reach the ULMC along with duly filled Google form along with a copy of payment receipt.

    User requisition form for submitting samples

    Analysis results: The analysis result which includes the total ion chromatograph and mass spectrum will be emailed to the user.

    Getting back the samples: Users desiring to get back the samples need to mark this instruction on the form. Collect them from the lab between 10.00 AM to 11:00 AM within two-three days of completion of the work (official working days only) and uncollected samples will be disposed-off after ten days of intimation of the completion of the work and no reminders will be sent.