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Department of Physics

Year of Establishment : 1963 (CPIR)

Office Phone : +91-8669609214

Email : [email protected]


The department has strong interactions with national and international institutes/laboratories. The department has also been selected by the UGC under SAP at DRS level for financial support. It is a DST-FIST Sponsored Department.



Thrust areas:

Condensed Matter Physics and Sensors & Instrumentation

Academic programmes leading to a Degree / Diploma / Certificate :

Programme Programme Director Intake
M.Sc. PhysicsTime Table | Syllabus -40
M.Phil. Physics--
Ph.D. Physics--


Name Designation Areas of Interest
Pallavi Pandhari GaudeAssistant ProfessorTheoretical Condensed Matter Physics
Venkatesha R. HathwarUGC - Assistant ProfessorX-ray Diffraction, Chemical Physics and Quantum Crystallography, Crystal Engineering, Structural Materials Science
RajeshKumar Shankar HyamUGC - Assistant ProfessorExperimental Condensed Matter Physics, Nanomaterials for Energy Applications, Superconducting Materials, Pulsed laser deposition of thin films
Pranav NaikAssistant ProfessorNanomaterial synthesis, Magnetism, Electrical properties, Radiation effect
Bholanath PahariUGC - Assistant ProfessorExperimental Condensed Matter Physics, NMR Spectroscopy
Ramesh V. PaiProfessorTheoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Phase Transitions, Many-body Physics in Ultra-cold Atoms
Prabhakar PalniAssistant ProfessorExperimental High Energy Physics and Nuclear Physics
Kaustubh R.S. PriolkarProfessorExperimental Condensed Matter Physics; Structure - Property Correlation in Functional Materials Using X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (EXAFS and XANES)
Reshma Raut DessaiAssistant ProfessorNeutron Scattering, Porous media, Condensed matter Physics, Glass, Ceramic
Cherukulappurath SudhirUGC - Assistant ProfessorNanophotonics, Plasmonics, Near-field optics, Super-resolution Microscopy