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The Department of Konkani was established in 1987,  it offers M.A. in Konkani  Language  & Literature  and has Research Programmes  leading to Ph.D in any area   pertaining to Konkani language Literature and Culture.  It also has various projects  from  Sahitya Academy , NCERT , UGC,  Central Directorate of  Hindi, New Delhi.Commision for Scientific & Technical Terminology , New Delhi. Goa Konkani Academy, Goa.

The Department, the only one of its kind in the country, offers M.A. in Konkani language and literature, and has research programmes leading to Ph.D. in any area pertaining to Konkani language, literature and culture. It has also various projects from Sahitya Akademi, NCERT, UGC, and other bodies taken up by individual staff members who also have expertise in several Indian and foreign languages and translations. It has, as its adjunct, the recently set up Centre for Konkani Development Studies to prepare material for inclusion of Konkani in formal spheres, including terminology for books in various disciplines, translation, etc.

Centre for Konkani Development Studies (CKDS)

A Centre for Konkani Development Studies has been set up with the support of UGC in the course of the IXth Five-Year-Plan as an adjunct of the Department of Konkani, which deals with work of preparation of terminology, dictionaries, translation from Indian and foreign classics, specially those relating to literary criticism, transliteration of Konkani texts from one script to another and the publication of the same for the benefit of the students. The Centre has done video ducumentation of Dasro, Garaanim, Ghumat vadan (Sakaarat), Rannamale (folk drama), Fugddi (folk dance) and the Three Kings Feast of Chandor under the unique programme called "Know our Culture".

The Centre has an Advisory Committee with the Vice Chancellor as the Chairman. The Head, Department of Konkani is the ex-officio honorary Director of the Centre.

Coordinator - Prakash S. Parienkar, Lecturer

Eligibility for admission.  

B.A   with Six Units or three Units  with Konkani or B.A  (Faculty Change) , as per the rules of the Goa University.

Placements of the students

Konkani students get the  jobs in the colleges , schools , Government offices, etc.The National Eligibility Test (NET) which is conducted by UGC ,New Delhi , is successfully cleared by the Konkani students.  Konkani being the state language  other avenues of the jobs also gets created for them.

Courses Offered

M.A. in Konkani(Syllabus), Ph.D in Konkani

Faculties and Specialisation

M.A (Goa University)(Old Konkani Literature , major Movements in Konkani languages and Literature & Konakni Folklore)
Associate Professor
MA(Bomaby University)(Drama Modern Konkani Prose, Literary Criticsm & konkani Folklore)
M .Phil(Poona University)(General Linguistic , Sociolinguistic, Works of Shennoi Goenbab & Translation Studies)
Assistant Professor
M.A (Goa University)(Old Konkani Literature , major Movements in Konkani languages and Literature & Konakni Folklore)

Other Information

Prakash Parienkar: 1) A Hindi version of his Konkani short story entitled "Varsal" was i "Samakalin Bharatiya Sahitya" (May - June 05) A bimonthly of Sahitya Academi, New Delhi,