Department of Chemistry

Head of the Department

Srinivasan B. R.

Year of establishment : 1988
Office Phone : 0832-6519271
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About Us

The Department of Chemistry is one of the oldest departments and was established in 1965 as a post graduate center of Bombay University. In 1985, the Department of Chemistry became an integral part of the then newly established Goa University. The Department moved to its present location (Faculty block E) in 2013, with modern infrastructure, conducive for quality education and research in chemistry. 


Thrust areas

Research work encompasses various domains of chemical research, with emphasis on synthesis, characterization of organic as well as inorganic materials, study of their properties and applications. Departmental research has been recognized by award of projects to individual faculty members and also sanction of grants by UGC and DST for programs like UGC-SAP & DST-FIST.

Academic programmes leading to a Degree / Diploma / Certificate :

Programme Intake
M.Sc. ChemistryTime Table | Syllabus 80
Ph.D Chemistry-


Name Designation Areas of Interest
Dhuri Sunder N.Assistant ProfessorCoordination compounds, Synthetic Inorganic
Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry
Girkar Siddhali V.Assistant Professor
Kamat Vijayendra P.Professor.
Morajkar Pranay P.Assistant Professor(Laser, Optics, Gas Kinetics)
Nadkarni V. S.ProfessorOrganic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry
Salker Arun V.ProfessorCatalysis, Solid State Chem., Enviromental Chemistry & Chemical Sensors
Shet Verenkar Vidhyadatta M.Associate ProfessorSolid State Chemistry: Synthesis and Characterization of Spinels: Ferrites/Manganites/ Cobaltites, Applications: Gas sensing/Catalysis
Shirsat Rajendra N.Associate ProfessorComputational and Theoretical Chemistry
Srinivasan B. R.ProfessorSynthetic Inorganic Chemistry
Tilve Santosh G.ProfessorSynthetic Organic Chemistry

Other information

The Department offers post graduate studies and research in Organic, Inorganic, Physical, and Analytical Chemistry with emphasis on synthesis of natural products, development of reagents for organic synthesis, synthesis of metal oxides, metal sulfides, mixed metal oxides and sulfides and their studies as superconductors, spectroscopic and structural characterization of extended network systems, synthesis of coordination complexes as models for biological systems, development of catalysts / electro-catalysts and their evaluation.
Chemistry Department Faculty & Alumini Association (CDFAA) of Goa University
CDFAA is a registered association started in 2006 to promote academic and research interactions between the past and present faculty and the alumni of the Department. The CDFAA activities at present are coordinated through its face book page and has over 200 active members including 81 life members and is governed by a nine member executive committee with the Head of Department as its ex-officio member.

The current executive committee include Prof A.V. Salker (Chairman), Dr. Teotone Vaz (Vice-Chairman), Prof. B.R. Srinivasan (Secretary), Dr. V.M.S. Verenkar (Treasurer) Miss Crezel Coelho (Joint Secretary) and Prof. S.G. Tilve (Ex-officio) are the office bearers of CDFAA.

With an aim to promote higher education and awareness of Chemistry and motivate young scholars in the state of Goa, CDFAA organizes several activities, which include organization of an annual inter collegiate T.Y. B.Sc. symposium on ‘Fascinating world of chemical sciences', felicitation of students who qualify in NET / SET examinations, organization of ‘Homecoming Get-together' of 25 year old M.Sc. batch, award of annual research prizes to an University teacher and a College Teacher for publication of papers in high impact journals etc. In addition, CDFAA provides financial assistance to meritorious students from economically backward families to pursue chemistry. Several students have taken the benefit of this Scheme.

For further details, please contact the Secretary ( or Treasurer (