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The Directorate of Extra-Mural Studies and Extension Services was established on 20th June, 1986 as per Articles (5) of the Goa University Act. Extra Mural Studies and Extension Services is essentially a third dimension of the higher education. The first two dimensions are formal teaching and research. The third dimension visualises a learning society at large. It includes adults, school drop-outs, professionals, housewives, slum population, street children and a host of learning groups who need not necessarily have a formal qualification to learn certain essential inputs.

The aims and objectives of the extra-mural studies and extension services may be laid down as follows:- 

a) To impart instruction to those who could not undergo normal education, but whose desire to be educated has remained intact.

b) To interact at all levels of education: Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary, Non-formal education of adults, particularly women farmers, workers and others whose understanding, skills, status etc. need to be uplifted.

c) To participate in rural development activities and to undertake action oriented researches to solve local problems.

d) To make the common man aware of the impact of science and technology on daily life and to promote a scientific outlook and proper utilization of the products of science and technology.

e) To produce reading material and make it available to the people at low prices.

f) To collaborate with local voluntary organisations, industries, research institutions etc. to promote the objectives of the extra-mural studies and extension services.

g) To make people aware of their past and present history and culture.

h) To make people aware of their civil and social responsibility and obligations as well as their rights.

Ways and means to carry out the aims and objectives 

a) Popular lectures on various subjects by the University academics as well as the memebers of a panel of experts to be prepared ;

b) Summer schools, adult education classes, youth leadership training camps, refresher course etc.;

c) Special vacation cources for students, women, factory workers, professional groups etc;

d) Publication of popular books on topics of general interest and knowledge as low prices;

e) Common programme in collaboration with the Panchayats, Muncipalities Schools and other local institutions;

f) Programmes in co-operation with the National Social Services and other national organisations; and

g) Employment of audio visual aids, including projectors T.V. sets, documentray films, demonstration etc., in executing the above requirements. 

The Board of EMS&ES is set up for a period of two years i.e. upto the end oj July, 2015 via notification GU/I/6/13-Acad-I/Ext.Mural/2013/2170 dated 16/8/2013 as per the statute SA-25 of Goa University having following office bearers:

1) Vice-Chancellor         Chairman
    Goa University (Ex-Officio)

2) Registrar         Vice-Chairman
    Goa University (Ex-Officio)

3) Adv. Narendra Sawaikar                     Member                                                            

    Nominee of the Executive Council G.U.

4) Shri Rajendra P. Kerkar,       Member
    Sanquelim- Goa.

5) Dr. Uday C. Gaonkar    Member
    Principal, Damodar Higher Secondary School,                                                                                    

    Gudi, paroda, Quepem

6) Director of Extra Mural Studies    Member Secretary
    & Extension Services,         (Ex-Officio) 
    Goa University


 Report of the meeting of the Board of Extra Mural Studies & Extension Services held on 17th April, 2012

 Annexure - I

 Annexure - II 


The following activities were held in variousschools / villages in Goa during 2013-14

• Specially made mass education film with live commentary by Prof B S Mohite of Shivaji University, Kolhapur.

• Workshop on water harvesting by Department of Earth Sciences, Goa University

• Demonstrations workshops and talks by Shri Ramchandra(Somu) Rao on FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN at various schools

• Workshop on Problems during adolescence by Dr Rupesh Patkar and Dr Archana Gaonkar in various schools

• Workshop on environment conservation by noted environmentalist Rajendra Kerkar August, 2013 as per the statute SA-25 of Goa Mass Education Programme using film show in Goa

Mass education programme on natural calamities using film show and live commentary by Professor B. S. Mohite, Associate Professor, Dept of Chemistry, Shivaji University were held in various parts of Goa from 11th 2/2014, programme was held at Holy Cross Institute, Quepem and Damodar Higher Secondary School, Gudi, Paroda. On 12/2/2014 at Govt High School, Morlem, Sattari and Vivekanand Environment Brigade, Keri Sattari. On 13/2/2014 at Sharada English High School, Marcela. Prof Mohite showed the films made by him on various natural calamities such as Earthquake, Floods and tsunami while providing a live and interactive commentary.

Prof Mohite has a PhD from IIT Bombay and has been conducting such programmes in various parts of India. He also demonstrated the technique developed by him in synthesizing large sized designer crystal artifacts in the laboratory set by him. He has been able to synthesize some of the largest crystal based models using household items and normal water in the fastest possible time.

His films on global warming, space missions, earthquake and Tsunami were appreciated by student community and environmental activists from Goa.

Noted environmentalist Rajendra Kerkar organized his programme for the benefit of activists of Vivekanand Environment Brigade at Keri-Sattari. Dr Uday Gaonkar and his colleagues organized the event at Shri Damodar Higher Secondary School, Gudi, Paroda,

Mr Sanjay Talwadkar and his colleagues organized the event at Holy Cross Institute, Quepem while Laxmi Sukhthankar, Headmistress of Govt School, Morle Colony helped in organizing the event at Govt School, Morlem.

Headmaster of Sharada School, Marcela Shri Borkar and teacher Prakash Nayak conducted the programme at Sharada School, Marcela.


Programmes conducted at various schools/organisations 


Ramrao Wagh(Ex-Officio)

Associate Professor, Dept. of Computer Sc, & Tech.

Director, EMS&ES,

Goa University