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The DEITI is a bold initiative of the University. It is a live one-way video -way audio interactive facility, using Satellite Technology, Internet and Telecom network. Thanks to the financial assistance provided by the RD, Govt. of India, the dream of rice education has come true with support of Distance Education Council (Goa) and the ISRO.

distant education goa

The facility supplements both formal non-format classroom teaching, ides best quality educational content from all over the country and opportunity interact with leading academicians, thinkers and decision makers.

distant education goa

The facility is also being made liable for community development programmes by the Govt. and NG0s, training programmes as well as mass awareness programmes for the public, settled even in the remotest part of Goa.

distant education goa

Reception centres are set up at 25 places, Higher Secondary Schools and Colleges, covering all 11 talukas. Interaction with the resource person sitting at the University studio takes place through telephones, fax and E-Mail access.

The studio is equipped with the state of the art basic digital audio and video production and editing facilities, the satellite transmitter and two spacious studio halls with proper acoustic treatment. (Please refer details of facilities provided on tariff card.)


The studio facility. is also made available on commercial basis for indoor shooting, recording and editing, at the most reasonable rates. Distance education is- thus no more a distant dream. It is in fact, just next door at the Taleigao Plateau, adjacent to Panaji.

Visit us and have a personal experience, of a surprising, new, bold and well-equipped venture called the DEITI.


Phone :(0832) 6519015, 6519039
Fax :(0832) 2452084
Email :deiti@unigoa.ac.in
Personnel : M.Chakraborty (Administrative incharge), Dr. G.M. Naik (Co-ordinator Technical)

Studio Tarrifs

Some Special services/achievements

  • DEITI has conducted workshops on basic videography for those who were interested in camera handling recording and audio-video editing. The workshops were very successful as the participants could learn a lot about small filming.
  • DEITI has undertaken a major project of Goa Medical College wherein six live pediatric surgeries were video recorded and at the same time projected live to the doctors/surgeons sitting outside the operation theatre. The doctors sitting outside the operation theatre could interact with the surgeons while performing the operations.
  • DEITI has organized many teleconferences at the national level wherein the national conference of the organizations (GOVT or NON GOVT) was downlinked and shown to the local participants who could interact live with the resource persons on the panel.
  • DEITI organised a training programme for Govt of Goa under Sava Shiksha Abiyan to train about 2500 primary teachers of the State. The training was carried out from the DEITI studio in two phases of ten days through its 22 DRS centres with the help of satellite communication (EDUSAT).
  • The DEITI had produced video CDs on the subjects Physics, Maths, Botany, Chemistry and Computer science for the students appeared for Goa Common Entrance Test (GCET, 2006) for professional courses in the state of Goa. The project was undertaken for Goa Educational Development Corporation of Govt of Goa.

How the DEITI’s infrastructure could be utilized

  • Any organisation can utilize DEITI facilities to conduct LIVE interactive programmes on any required topic/subject wherein they can interact with the people seating at a remote place. The state Govt may also organize training programmes for their employees in the relevant field using DEITI facilities. The participants can attend such programmes at the various DRS centres nearer to their work place. This will save time and money both.
  • DEITI’s facility can be utilized for organizing various community development programmes at a time by an expert sitting in the DEITI studio. Various departments of the Government can utilize this facility to generate awareness among general public about various schemes of the Govt. In the past, the Goa State Aids Control Society (GSACS) had used the DEITI infrastructures and facilities to conduct awareness programmes on HIV/AIDS amongst the students. Even the Goa Psychiatric Society had conducted a 3 day live interactive programme for generating the awareness of adolescent problems amongst the students.
  • Any organization or Govt agencies, with the help of local cable operators, can utilize the DEITI studio permanently for any kind of programmes in educating the people which can be telecast after the office hours for the benefit of people to watch the programmes on their TV like any other channels.
  • The State Govt. or other Govt Agencies can develop E-learning contents on various important subject in the DEITI studio for circulation amongst their employees or conduct small training programmes within a department. The Goa Education Development Corporation (GEDC) had produced such e-learning contents for the students appearing the GCET in 2006. Even the Goa Board also produced the audio CD on Nursery Rhymes under GSSAS.
  • Various organizations can participate live in their national teleconferences by downlinking the signals or organize teleconference live locally by uplinking the signal through DEITI’s infrastructure.
  • The state of art audio-video recording studio of DEITI can also be used for producing any kind of programmes like musical, drama, quiz, panel discussion etc.