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The students are allowed to apply for Revaluation in the prescribed form within 10 days from the date of receipt of individual statement of marks by them for a given examination. The application form with necessary fees should be submitted through the Principal of the College to the University. The Revaluation result will be declared normally within 2 months of the date of submission of forms to the University.

Re-evaluation ( Per paper )
(i) Undergraduate per paper (Professional , Non-Professional) Rs 500.00
(ii) Post-Graduate per paper (Professional , Non-Professional) Rs 700.00

Verification ( Per paper where provision exists )
(i) Undergraduate per paper Rs 150.00
(ii) Post-Graduate per paper Rs 150.00

Email :
Phone :

6519009[ Controller Of Examinations ],
6519033[ Assistant Registrar(Post Graduate) ],
6519034[ Assistant Registrar(Professional) ],
6519035[ Assistant Registrar(Under Graduate) ]