Shri. Donald A. E. Rodrigues,
Joint Registrar (Academics)

Phone No: +91-0832-6519014
Sr. Steno: +91-0832-6519214
Email ID:


Sectional Head

Shri Alberto Fernandes, Assistant Registrar
Phone No:
Email ID:
Reporting Officer: Joint Registrar (Academics)

  • Affiliation of colleges & recognition of institutions
  • Academic Council meetings
  • Transcripts (UG/PG/Professional)
  • Statistical Cell for all statistics relating to University departments & affiliated colleges
  • Media & Communication
  • IQAC programs for colleges & PG departments/ NAAC & UGC Plan Documentation
  • Placement Facilitation
  • Hospitality to dignitaries visiting the University
  • Matter regarding Hospitality, Booking of tickets, Advertisements, Press Release etc.
  • SIP and other International Programs.
  • All functions of the University.
  • Matter related to MHRD, UGC, Central Councils, correspondence from the Office of Chancellor, Govt. of Goa on general academic issues.
  • Any other task assigned by the Deputy Registrar (Academic) / Joint Registrar or the Registrar.


Sectional Head

Smt. Sara Figueiredo, Assistant Registrar 

Phone No: +91-0832-6519096                                                                                 

Reporting Officer: Joint Registrar (Academics)

  • Academic terms of all College programmes
  • Appointment of teachers in affiliated colleges
  • Panels of Vice Chancellor's nominees for colleges
  • ICCR/foreign students admission in colleges
  • Admission & late Admission in colleges
  • Tuition fees etc.
  • Eligibility (Provisional & Confirmation), Migration, Registration
  • Equivalence of Boards / Universities
  • Board of Extension /Extra-Mural Studies
  • NSS co-ordination for Colleges
  • College Development Council
  • Issue of Prima Facie letter for admission in respect of foreign students
  • Transfer / Readmission of students in colleges
  • Internship in professional colleges
  • Matters related to attendance in colleges
  • Principals' Meetings
  • Anti-ragging Committees in colleges
  • Prevention of Sexual Harassment Committee for Colleges
  • Any other task assigned by the Deputy Registrar (Academic) / Joint Registrar or the Registrar.


Sectional Head 

Smt. Sunita Sawant,  Assistant Registrar                                                                              

Phone No: +91-0832-6519021                                                                             


Reporting Officer: Joint Registrar (Academics)

  • Admissions to PG programs
  • Admissions to foreign students to PG programs
  • Deans' Meetings
  • HoDs' Meetings
  • Boards of Studies (UG / PG) and Syllabus
  • Recognition of PG teachers / Research Guides
  • Contributory / Visiting Faculty in PG departments
  • Matters related to attendance in PG departments
  • Commencement of new PG courses / departments
  • Matter relating to Directorate of Students' Welfare
  • Editing & Publication of University Handbook
  • Endowments (Free-ships, Merit Scholarships, other Govt. Scholarships)
  • Entrance Test for PG Programs/M.Phil/Ph.D.
  • Anti-ragging Committees for PG departments
  • RDRM Cell
  • Unassigned Grants Committee Meetings
  • CPIR records
  • ID cards for PG/Ph.D students
  • Annual Report & other incidental publications
  • Any other task assigned by the Deputy Registrar (Academic) / Joint Registrar or the Registrar.
  • Matter pertaining to NET/SET Examinations