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The UGC- Human Resource Development Centre is an outcome of the NPE (1986). The NPE, in its programme of action, makes a pointed reference to the crucial link between teacher motivation and quality of education. Teachers, as we know, occupy a key position in the education system. The quality, competence and character of teachers, are of utmost importance. They influence the standard of education and thus contribute to national development. The teachers should function as effective instruments of development and social change.

The UGC-HRDC came into being with an overall objective of acting as an agency to bring about changes and development in education. It is meant to involve itself in the improvement of courses, curriculum, examination reforms, improvement in the Management of Higher Education, and to bring about a closer linkage between society and Higher Education through meaningful study and Research.

The UGC-HRDC at Goa University came into existence in February 1988. It has been conducting Orientation Courses from its inception. In addition to Orientation and Refresher Courses, the UGC-HRDC has been organizing Seminars/Conferences and other academic activities regularly.

So far 69 Orientation Programmes and more than 150 Refresher Courses have been conducted. More then 6000 participants have actively participated in these programmes.

In Charge :
I. K. Pai
Department of Zoology

Functions of the UGC-Human Resource Development Centre

The functions of the UGC-Human Resource Development Centre will be to plan, organize, implement, monitor and evaluate orientation courses for newly appointed College/ University lecturers within the jurisdiction of one or more Universities in a state. The UGC-HRDC will also organize Refresher Courses for serving teachers and orientation programmes for Senior Administrators and Heads of Departments, Principals, Officers, etc. in the Philosophy of orientation and changed management system.

As per the recent directive of the UGC, it has been suggested that a four-week Refresher Course/training programme in Academic Administration for senior Academic Administrators including Registrar to Asst. Registrar, Librarian to Asst. Librarian, etc. be conducted, as attending of two such Courses / Workshops is also one of the conditions for the placement in senior scale.

Specifically the functions of the UGC-Human Resource Development Centre are as follows
  • To formulate a programme of orientation along the broad guidelines given above.
  • To identify resource persons in the various fields of specialization for running the orientation course, and refresher courses, and familiarize such resource persons with the philosophy and guidelines for the course.
  • To set up documentation center-cum-library for reference and source materials necessary for the Courses.
  • To produce specially designed materials required for effective implementation of the courses.
  • To organize, monitor and evaluate courses for teachers.
  • To create a culture of learning and self-improvement among teachers so that it becomes an integral part of the educational system at the tertiary level.
  • To organize orientation programmes for Heads of Departments, Principals, Deans and other decision makers to familiarize them with the philosophy of orientation, in order to enable these senior educational administrators to understand their new role as supervisors, and to facilitate the reform in higher education through appropriate modification of the management systems at various levels

Rationale of Orientation Courses

The Orientation Programme is designed in such a way that it will enable the teachers to discover their own potentialities and role. These programmes are expected to equip the teacher not simply with professional know-how, but also with a certain outlook and deep social commitment. These programmes are different from the traditional programmes. They have certain specific objectives. They are to enable the newly appointed lecturer to :

  • Understand the significance of education in general and higher education in particular, in the global and Indian contexts.
  • Understand the linkages between education and the socio-economic and cultural development with particular reference to Indian polity where secularism and egalitarianism are the tenets of society.
  • Understand the role of a College/University teacher in the national goal of achieving a secular and egalitarian society.
  • Acquire and improve skills of teaching at the College / University level.
  • Be aware of developments in his / her specific subject
  • Understand the organisation and management of a College/University and to
  • improve the role of a teacher in the total system.
  • Utilise opportunities for the development of personality, initiative and creativity.

In order to achieve the above objectives, the curriculum for the Orientation Programme has the following four components with minimum of 144 contact hours, i.e. 6 hours daily for 4-week programme.

  • Component A : Awareness of linkages between Society, Environment, Development and Education.
  • Component B : Philosophy of Education, Indian Education system and Pedagogy.
  • Component C : Resource Awareness and knowledge generation.
  • Component D : Management and Personality Development.

Refresher Courses

There has been knowledge explosion in every discipline. Hence a College / University teacher has to continuously update his knowledge in his chosen field of expertise. The Refresher Courses are meant to :

  • Provide opportunities for teachers in service to exchange experience with their peers and to mutually learn from each other.
  • Provide a forum for serving teachers to keep themselves abreast of the latest advances in various subjects.
  • Create the culture of learning and self-improvement among the teachers.
  • Provide opportunities to further widen their knowledge and to pursue research studies, and
  • Given an introduction to new methods and innovations in higher education and enlighten them so that the participants can in turn develop their own innovative method of instructions.


For both the Orientation Programmes and Refresher Course the medium of instruction is English. Orientation Programmes and Refresher Courses have in-built seminars / symposia. Apart from interactive lecture-cum-discussion sessions, panel / group discussions, role play, field visits are used. Overhead projector / slide projector, audio-video are oft-adopted inputs. The participants are provided with reading material in the form of synopsis of lectures and articles from journals.

Hands-on experience with computers for the participants of Orientation and Refresher programmes is organised in collaboration with the Virtual Institute of Training, which is housed in the same building as UGC-HRDC.

Evaluation: The participants are evaluated on their performance and participation in various aspects of the programmes, such as journals, book-reviews, seminars, field-trips, tests, overall participation. Grades are then awarded.

As per the UGC guidelines, following are the grades
Grade Score
A 75% and above
B 60% to less than 75%
C 50% to less than 60%
D Below 50%

A copy of the application form for Orientation Programmes / Refresher Courses are available with the UGC-HRDC office. Participants are requested to send along with their application forms, a DD of Rs.500/- in the name of the Registrar, Goa University , payable at State Bank of India , Goa University Branch.




UGC-HRDC at Goa University is located on the second floor of the University Library in the campus of Goa University . The UGC-Human Resource Development Centre has the following facilities: Five independent rooms for Director, Reader, lecturer, Non-teaching staff, Xerox facility and store-room.

Lecture Halls

There are three spacious (two AC) well-equipped lecture halls. All the lecture halls have modern amenities like Public address system and projection system, Slide projector system. The Halls are furnished with TV, VCR and film projector. Seating arrangement in all the halls is flexible and can accommodate upto 70 persons depending upon the requirement.


UGC-Human Resource Development Centre is equipped with the latest books on Higher Education, Psychology, Pedagogy, Women, Environment and on topics related to contemporary national / international issues.

Computer Lab

The internet ready Computer Laboratory is well equipped with Multimedia Facilities , Laser Printer, Scanner, Web Camera, LCD projector etc. Windows XP OS and other productivity software’s are loaded onto these machines.

Board and Lodging

Accommodation for participants is arranged in UGC-HRDC Quarters which are located about 1KM away from the UGC-HRDC Office


The UGC-Human Resource Development Centre has been able to acquire infrastructural facilities which are essential for staff development programmes. It has well equipped office with computerised communication. A PC AT 486 with a high capacity for data and efficient retrieval, Desk Jet Printer, Fax machine, Xerox and cyclostyling facilities.


Schedule of Orientation and Refresher courses

Orientation Programmes and Short Term Courses to be held between January, 2015 to 31st March, 2015

Refresher Courses to be held in July, August, 2014

Tentative schedule for Orientation Programme, Refresher Course, Short Term Courses for the year 2015-2016

Download Refresher Courses Lectures

Refresher Courses and Orientation Programmes to be held before 31st March 2014

Refresher Course in Computer Science

Final list of selected outstation participants for STC in Cyber Security

Selected list of outstation participants for STC in Cyber Security

Short Term Course and Training Programme on Cyber Security

List of participants of 86th Orientation Programme starts from 23/09/2013 to 21/10/2013

Tentative dates/Schedule for the organization of Orientation Programmes/ Refresher Courses and Short-term courses for the year 2013-14

UGC-UGC-Human Resource Development Centre : 86th Orientation Programme

Short Term Course on "Literature search & Academic Writing"

In future applicants desirous of enrolling for a particular course are requested not to send DDs in advance. They are requested to bring them along when they come to register at the commencement upon receiving intimation from the office of the UGC-HRDC.


UGC Rules /Regulations and guidelines for teachers attending Refresher and Orientation courses

The Refresher/Orientation Courses are for in-service teachers who are eligible as per UGC-ASC rules, regulations; guidelines are as follows.:

  1. The newly appointed teacher upto six years of continuous service are eligible for Orientation Programme. There after a gap of One Year, such teachers may opt for Refresher Course.
  2. The gap between two successive Refresher Courses should be ‘ One Year’.
    Adhoc/Temporary teachers who have been working for at least One Year as
  3. Lecturer be permitted to participate in Orientation Programme. As per UGC circular No.F.271(i)/2002(ASC) dated 18.2.2005, the temporary/contract teachers, who have been teaching for at least two academic sessions in an Institution which has been affiliated to a University for at least two years may be allowed to participate in the Orientation Programmes/Refresher Course to enhance their skills.
  4. Lecturers working in the University and Colleges, who are included in the list of colleges under Section 12-B of the UGC Act, are eligible to participate in the Orientation Programme and Refresher Course.
  5. A Demand Draft of Rs.500/- in the name of the Registrar, Goa University , payable at SBI, Goa University Branch , should be sent along with the application form. Since the dates of the courses are subject to change, the teachers should come to attend the course only when invited.
  6. The participants’ performance will be assessed and they will be given the Grades accordingly. The grades will be indicated on the Certificates of participants.
  7. The University and Colleges should allow the interested teachers to participate in the courses based on their eligibility, otherwise valid reasons have to be intimated for non-sending.
  8. The Orientation Course is for 4 weeks and Refresher Course is of 3 weeks duration. Absence of any kind during the course period will not be allowed.
  9. Last date for the receipt of application in UGC-HRDC is 45 days before the commencement of the course.
  10. Application should be submitted to the office IN THE PRESCRIBED FORM.

Application with DD of Rs 500/- drawn in favour of “ Registrar Goa University ” payable at State Bank of India , Goa University Branch should reach ASC Goa University 45 days before the commencement of the course To download the application form for Refresher/orientation courses