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Personal Information

M.A., Ph. D.
Phone No (Off) : (0832) 6519397
Phone No (Res) : (0832) 2458377
Email Address : nsbhat@unigoa.ac.in

Professional Information

Qualifications M.A., Ph. D.
Department Department of History
Current Designation Professor
Area of Interest Modern Indian History, History of South Kanara, Indo-Portuguese History and Environmental History of Western India.

Additional Information

Research Publications

    Books :
  • South Kanara 1799-1860: A Study in Colonial Administration and Regional Response, Mittal Publications, New Delhi, 1998, with the publication grant of ICHR, New Delhi.

  • Judiciary and Police in Early Colonial South Kanara: 1799-1862, Mittal Publications, New Delhi, 2001, with the publication grant of Goa University.

    Research Papers :
  • ‘Local Resistance Against the British : A Case Study of Vittal Raja 1799-1800’, in Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society, (Bangalore, Volume LXXVII, Jan.-June 1987, Nos.1-2, pp.49-61.

  • ‘Rebellion of Kalyanaswamy 1834-37 : A Case of Local Protest Against British Rule’, in Studies in Karnataka History and Culture, Proceedings Vol. II, Karnataka History Congress, 1987, pp.108-13.

  • ‘A Peasant Uprising in South Kanara 1830-31’, in Proceedings of the Indian History Congress, 49th session, 1988, Karnatak University, Dharwad, pp.439-46.

  • ‘The Munro System : Land Revenue Administration in South Kanara 1799-1800’ in Studies in Karnataka History and Culture, Proceedings Vol. III, Karnataka History Congress, 1990, pp.101-05.

  • ‘The Sultans of Mysore and Their Relations with the Chieftains of Kanara’, in Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society, (Bangalore, Vol.LXXXIII, April-June 1992, No.2, pp.137-49.

  • ‘Agrarian System in South Kanara : 1799-1831’, Karnataka Historical Review, Vol.XXVI, A.K. Shastry (ed.) Karnataka Historical Research Society, Dharwad, 1996, pp.52-59.

  • ‘Peasant Uprisings in South Kanara in the Nineteenth Century’, in Sebastain Joseph (ed.), Karnataka History (A.D.1800-1900), Vol. VI, Kannada University, Hampi, 1997,in Kannada, pp.53-66.

  • ‘The Police System in Early Colonial South Kanara;1799-1862’, in Proceedings of the Indian History Congress, 57th session, 1996,University of Madras, pp.515-26.

  • ‘Judicial Administration in South Kanara : 1799-1862’ in Proceedings of the Indian History Congress, 58th session,1997, Bangalore University, pp.474-81.

  • ‘An Initial Peasant Protest in Early Colonial South Kanara’, in Studies in Karnataka History and Culture, Proceedings Volume - IV, Karnataka History Congress, 1998, pp.54-58.

  • ‘Land Revenue System and Agrarian Relations in South Kanara : 1799-1862’, in E.K.G. Nambiar (ed.), Agrarian India : Problems and Perspectives, (Prof. K.K.N. Kurup Felicitation Volume), Association for Peasant Studies, Calicut University, 1999, pp.76-89.

  • ‘Trade in Goa During the Nineteenth Century with special Reference to Colonial Kanara’,in Charles J. Borges, Oscar G. Pereira and Hannes Stubbe (eds.),Goa And Portugal : History and Development, Proceedings of International Seminar,Concept Publishing Co., New Delhi, 2000, pp.55-71.

  • ‘Early Colonial Experience : 1799-1862’ in M.Mukunda Prabhu (ed.), Poli, Canara 200, A Commemorative Volume for Canara 200, Mangalore, November 2000, pp.52-62.

  • ‘Trade in Portuguese Goa : The Nineteenth Century Scenario’ in Proceedings of the Indian History Congress, Millennium 61st Session, University of Kolkota, 2001, (in 2 parts), Part – I, pp.864-70.

  • ‘Some Aspects of Trade Between Colonial Kanara and Portuguese Goa as Reflected in the Records of the English East India Company (Early Half of the 19th Century)’, in S.K.Mhamai (ed.), Goa in the Indian Subcontinent, Seminar Papers, Directorate of Archives and Archaeology, Govt. of Goa, Panaji, 2001, pp.57-76.

  • ‘Perspectives on Teaching of Indian History’, in S.K. Mhamai (ed.), Goa: Educational Institutions Through the Ages, Seminar Papers, Directorate of Archives and Archaeology, Govt. of Goa, Panaji, 2002, pp.142-54.

  • ‘Trends in Goa’s Trade and Commerce : 1878-1961’ in Fatima da Silva Gracias, Celsa Pinto and Charles Borges (eds.), Indo-Portuguese History : Global Trends, Proceedings of XI International Seminar on Indo-Portuguese History – Silver Jubilee Session, 21-25th Sept., 2003, Goa, March 2005, pp.397- 409.

  • ‘Archival Sources in Goa on Goa-Karnataka Relations’ in Rajaram Hegde (ed.), Archival Sources on Karnataka History, Proceedings Volume of National Seminar, Prasaranga, Kuvempu University, Shimoga, 2006.

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  • ‘History From Below : A Case Study of Folklore in Tulunadu’, in Indica, Journal of the Heras Institute of Indian History and Culture, Mumbai, Mar. 2008, Vol. 45, No.1, pp.27-34.

  • ‘Socio-Economic Relations Between Goa and Karnataka : A Historical Perception’, in Indica, Journal of the Heras Institute of Indian History and Culture, Mumbai, September 2008, Vol. 45, No.2, pp.165-76.

  • ‘The Portuguese Impact on Goa in the Twentieth Century : An Assessment’, in Pius Malekandathil and Remy Dias (eds.), Goa in the 20th Century - History and Culture, Institute Menezes Braganza, Panaji, Goa, 2008, pp.336-51.

  • ‘Dynamics of Early Colonial Resistance Against Colonialism in South Kanara’, in Journal of the Institute of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities,(Referreed) Nirmalagiri, Kannur, Kerala, Jan. – June, 2009, pp.93-111.

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  • ‘Itihasa Mattu Itihasa Vidhana Shastra’ (in Kannada), in Ambalike Hiriyanna (ed.), Kannada Vishaya Vishwakosha : Itihasa Mattu Puratatva (in Kannada), Kuvempu Institute of Kannada Studies, University of Mysore, 2009, pp.125-26.

  • ‘Trade Links Between Goa and Kanara in the Nineteenth Century’, in K. Subrahmanya Bhat (ed.), Proceedings Volume, Karnataka’s Overseas Contacts And Trade Through The Ages, Shirva, 2011, pp.14-28.

  • ‘Portuguese Dakhalegalli Eradaneya Rani Abbakkadevi’, (in Kannada), in Abbakka Sankathana, Proceedings Volume of Seminar, Chief Editor – Amritha Someshwar, Veerarani Abbakkka Utsava Samiti, Mangalore, 2011, pp.241-47.

Research Projects Completed / Ongoing

  • “Judiciary and Police in Early Colonial South Kanara : 1799-1862”, financed by the Indian Council of Historical Research, New Delhi, and report submitted in March 1996.

  • “History of Trade and Commerce in Goa : 1840-1878”, funded by Goa University, and report submitted in June 2000.

  • Title of the Project: “The Historical Interface : Human World and Environment on the Western Coast of India with special reference to Goa and Coastal Karnataka”. Duration : 01.04.2008 to 31.03.2011. Final report to be submitted.

Research Guidance

  • Successfully guided five students for Ph.D. Degree.

  • Presently guiding two Ph. D. students.

  • Guided two students for M.A. Dissertation.

  • Guided one student for M.Phil. dissertation under Distance Education of M.K. University, Madurai

Other Information

  • Secured First Rank in M.A. and received Dr. P. Gururaja Bhat Memorial Cash Prize.

  • Serving at the Department of History, Goa University as Lecturer since 15th November 1988.

  • Associate Professor from 1996 onwards, and Professor from 2004 onwards.

  • Completed Certificate Course in Portuguese Language (1994-96), and Advanced Course in Portuguese Language (1996-97), at the Dept. of Portuguese , Goa University.

  • Visited Portugal (May-August 1996) on a three-month’s research fellowship awarded by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, to collect data and pursue research on the project entitled ‘History of Trade and Commerce in Goa: 1840-1878’.

  • Courses taught in the Department: Indian National Movement (1857-1947); Colonialism and Nationalism in Asia; Environmental History of India; History of India (1757 - 1857); Historiography in India; and Tribal and Peasant Movements in India (1855-1951), and India From 1947 To 1984.

  • Book reviews published: 02

  • Seminars/Conferences ((National/International) attended and research papers presented: 42.

  • Seminars/Conferences/ Workshops attended: 36.

    • Contributions to Institutional Corporate Life and Extension Activities:
    • Functioned as Head of the Department for one full term of 3years from 2002 to 2005.

    • Organised one National Seminar, and co-organised Three Local History Seminars (GOA), as Head of the Department.

    • Coordinated two Refresher Courses at the Academic Staff College of Goa University. (from 11.10.2002 to 01.10.2002 in History, and from 01.11.2008 to 21.11.2008 in Social Sciences).

    • Coordinator of Module – 4, Indian History, under the Study India Programme of Goa University organised for the students of Nihon University, Japan, since its beginning in 2003-04 ( that is for the last 9 batches ).

    • Local Coordinator for the Workshop organised jointly by NAAC, Bangalore, and Goa University, on 4th and 5th August 2005.

    • Director, Directorate of Students Welfare and Cultural Affairs (DSW & CA), Goa University, from 13th July 2005 to 12th July 2008.

    • Director, Central Assessment Programme (CAP) for Third Year B.A., B.Com., B.Sc. and B.C.A. Examinations, Goa University in April-May 1998 and again in April-May 2004. Functioned as Director, CAP (for some days only), for Third Year B.A., B.Com., B.Sc., B.C.A. and LL.B. Examinations, Goa University in April 2005.

    • Served as member of Academic Council, Faculty Board, Member/Chairman of Affiliation Inquiry Committees (of Goa University), and Faculty Research Committees in different Departments in the Faculty of Social Sciences, Goa University.

    • Functioned as Head, Dept. of History, from 3rd June 2011 to 2nd June 2012.

    • Appointed as Head, Dept. of History, Goa University, from 10th October 2012, and Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences from 1st January 2013.

  • Member of Board of Examiners for M.Phil./Ph. D. Degrees in various Universities in South India.

  • Delivered Lectures in various Academic Staff Colleges in South India.

    • Membership of Professional Bodies:
    • Life Member, Indian History Congress.

    • Life Member, South Indian History Congress.

    • Life Member, Karnataka History Congress.